The Krissy Project

08 January 2009

This is inspired by my bestfriend Jerome!

In my quest to financial-savvydom I have tried different methods but all of them failed. According to my one of my fictional heroine Rebecca Bloomwood's dad in the book Confessions of a Shopaholic, it was either save up or make more money. Well, I've tried both but I am still none the richer. Am I hopeless? I thought so too, but apparently not.

This genius bit of inspiration came when I was at my bestfriend's house. He referred to a DVD player as his next project since he was already able to buy his previous projects: a Plasma TV and a Skull Monkey headset!

Since I have always been a conscientious student, I believe calling the stuff in my wish list as projects would make it even more possible for me to attain them. Yeah yeah, I am a nerd! And I love school, and getting good grades!

So, on to my projects... (it has a nice ring to it, don't you think so? ;))
a laptop
Congratulate me! I was already able to buy another PC after the one I have at home broke down almost two months ago. Nope, two weeks' worth of hinting and nudging and winking did not have any effects on my Tita so I had to buy it with my own money. It should be at home by this coming Saturday. I can't wait to play The Sims again! Anyway, since the desktop computer will stay at home (for my younger sibs who are still studying), I figured it would be great if I have my own laptop I can use in the apartment. And forgive my vanity, but I think I would look really cool with a laptop haha! I do not know how soon I can accomplish this though. It would be easier if I have a credit card, but seeing that I don't have one I pay for everything in cash. And woe is me, saving up for something this big entails a LOT of effort and willpower not to spend! When I get one I guess I'll name him Altherstone.
a portable DVD player
This used to be a priority, just so I can have some entertainment at the apartment if I am left there alone. But if I will get a laptop I guess I won't need this one anymore right?
a new digital camera
I want the Casio EX Z100 in pink. Just because. The 5mp Casio Exilim I am using now feels so outdated hehe.

I guess that is all for now.. I need to purchase at least one from the list first because I think adding more at the moment will only lead to frustration.

If only I did not hoard all those stuff, I think I will have at least half the money to buy a laptop. But it's too late for regrets now is it.

Save up or make more money! Or, save up AND make more money!

Who wants to show me some love and support and buy some of my stuff? Ö

So yeah, I guess you may now call me Financially-Savvy Krissy Ü


  1. Krissy, I tagged you.

  2. thanks iris! will def answer it Ü

  3. Hi Krissy, we're running an advocacy campaign where I work and we're doing a contest [no purchase needed]: Hop on over here: and you might win an iTouch or a Rudy Project watch! Good luck :)

  4. Thank you for the link Teeyah! I checked the link and it sounds great! I am definitely joining, lemme just prepare my entry. :)


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