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An afternoon with my Sinister Sister Recks

After almost a year of not seeing each other, my college bestfriend Recks and I finally had a little get-together last Saturday at TriNoma. Even though our apartments are in the same city, it was still difficult for our schedules to meet; she is busy with law school and I am busy with my job and everything else. Anyway, I am just so happy I was finally able to see her in the flesh and not just her digital version I see in YM windows and her Multiply and Friendster pages.

We bonded over coffee and juicy stories at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I remember the note she wrote in the graffiti wall of my autograph book, saying she hopes we'll have more juicy stories next time. And for that I have an answer, if our stories get any juicier than that, then I guess I will have to be prepared for a heart attack! :D

A get together wouldn't be complete without photos :D

at the loo

gotta love us pretty ladies :D

We also went to Powerbooks where the book club discussion for Ricky Lee's book Para kay B. just finished. He was still there though for an interview. Since I wanted to get a copy of this book anyway, I figured I might as well buy it that day so I can score an autograph.

with Ricky Lee

Para kay B.
(o kung paano dinevastate ng pag-ibig ang 4 out of 5 sa atin)
nobela ni Ricky Lee

Mr. Lee's note

The note says "Dear Krissy, I hope my novel inspires you to always give love a chance!" I wanted to scribble a little note at the bottom part, "but I always do!" =]

I am just so happy that I was able to see Recks again. We were super bestfriends in college and we fought only just once =] We were kindred spirits, and I believe we still are. Proof?

Our outfits match!

I matched my gray plaid dress with black heels and a plum bag, she wore a plum top and black heels and brought a black bag =] We even have the same pressed powder! Look at the first photo ^ and you can see our pressed powders beside my plum bag =]

Here's hoping we can get together again SOON! And of course with Jinna and Minnie this time.


Andhari said…
lol you're cute :D glad you had an amazing day..
ChinkyGirLMeL said…
wow...how cute. I love the outfits. anyways...how have you been? I tagged you once again in my latest post. It's called Me, Myself and I. come check it out if you have time. And I hope you can make one too, I'd love to hear about your 25 stuff. =)
krissy ♥ said…
@ andhari: thanks so much! Ü

@ mel: thanks mel! i have started writing the 25 things about me but so far I've only written 15. Need to add 10 more! Will post the draft once it's complete ;)

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