Starting the year right

02 January 2009

It was just the first day of the year, but I was already making sure I follow my list of must do's! Most specifically, the "See more of the world" thingie Ü

Yesterday Ruther invited Ar to go with him to their house in Babatnin, Bulacan since he would not want Ar to spend the first day of the year alone at the apartment. Plans were made and rehashed until it ended up with me going with them! Mich and her friends Jonas and April were also able to come.

We spent our lunch break going back to the apartment to get clothes and other stuff. After shift, we rode a PUJ to Quezon Avenue, an FX to Malolos, another PUJ to Barasoain church, and a tricycle to Atlag where we would then have a 20-minute boat ride to reach Babatnin island.

The 20-minute boat ride was pure bliss. I was scared at first but my fears went away after the first few minutes. The river stretched wide and long before us and there was nothing to see except the mangroves, birds flying in pairs, and the endless sky. It was very humbling and once again I found myself in awe of the beauty of nature.

It was a good less than two hours worth of travel and I was exhausted, what with the sheer weight of my stuff, but it was more than worth it. I have nothing but praises for the place. It was very homey, quaint, quiet and beautiful. The residents of Babatnin all knew each other and the sense of camaraderie is very apparent. Crime rate? Zero. Ruther's family were very hospitable and her mom is a very good cook! I wish I have bigger instentines that I may have been able to gorge more food!

We went to the street party and danced. We stayed until 11pm only though because we have work the next day and would need to wake up early.

I had a very grand time and I am very thankful that I was able to experience these things with my friends. I feel so blessed!

Here's looking forward to more travel! Frank wants to organize a trip to Marinduque, and I surely will not miss it!

See pics here. Ü

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