Another epiphany

08 January 2009

I was with my bestfriend Jerome the other day. I am just so happy that we have more time to see each other now as compared to when we were still students. Because of my work schedule (Thursdays - Mondays; 6am - 3pm) and his being a freelance graphic design artist and web designer (view his gallery here!) both of us have more free time on our hands, therefore more time to catch up Ü

Anyway, I was inspired by him because of the gadgets he was already able to amass! Now I regret buying all those clothes and shoes; if not for them I would have had enough to buy my own laptop already. Boo me! But regrets are losers so I would just move forward. I am spending wisely these days. Look, it's already the 8th today and I haven't bought any new clothes or shoes since 2009 started! To me that is already an accomplishment ;)

He named his "will buys" projects. That's a swell name, yes? I guess I'll start calling them the same as well. Kinda makes me really want to follow them through. Because they're "projects", and I have always been a conscientious student. Next post, my projects!

PS: Update on my "without a computer" status, I finally bought one! It might be delivered tomorrow or on Saturday! I would be able to play The Sims again! Weeh!

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