Someday I'll be included in this kind of books Ö

15 January 2009

It's already the 15th day of the first month of the year and I am making good on my resolve not to buy new clothes. For someone like me who cannot resist to spend (especially on clothes, shoes and accessories), it should be considered as an accomplishment already Ö

But my nerdy side could not resist a good book when I see one, so for the first payday of the year I got myself


R. N. Munshi's World Famous Quotations

It has 1148 pages and contains over 13,000 quotations with topics ranging from Abide to Zoo (though why anyone would state a quotation about zoos remarkable enough to be included in this book alongside with quotes by Oscar Wilde and company baffles me). Yup, the topics are alphabetically-arranged.

The book is THICK!

Priced at 555 Php, it's not so bad. And for someone who is an utter loony for words and quotes and trivia and other nerdy stuff like me, these kind of books should not be left owner-less at bookstore shelves. It found an owner now, and it would be a lovely addition to my mini-but-becoming-extensive library. Ü


  1. OMG! That book is really really thick! hehehe! kudos to you for not spending. and for how long do you intend to not buy any clothes, accessories, and all those things we just seem to salivate over?

    By the way, how was your long long vacation? The weekend is here and I'm just so happy. Yay!

  2. hehe i intend to follow this through for at least the next 3 months :D

    i am enjoying my long vacation, thanks for asking! how was your weekend? Ü

  3. Hi, just added you to the pinaybloggers blogroll. Sorry for the delay. Please don't forget to install the javascript for our blogroll.


  4. thanks for adding me to the blogroll, i've installed the link already =]

  5. Hi Krissy! Sana I can do your New Year's Resolution too... Kaya lang I can't help it especially if I go to malls almost every weekend and you'll look at the sale section, tempting talaga!

  6. oo nga eh, it is very tempting! kaya these days iniiwasan kong pumunta sa mall if i can help it. pero last time i accompanied my officemate to look for a dress she can wear to a date, i pulled it off successfully naman :D


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