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03 February 2009

Forgive me for the lack of posts, and for not being able to visit my favorite blogs for the last few days. I was stumped with work, reunions with friends, and other things! No one's complaining though, I am having so much fun :D

Yesterday I met up with Ana for our "project". And since everything has been finalized and me thinks nothing can jinx it anymore, I think it is safe to announce: we are putting up gloss, our online magazine! The idea came to us when we participated in Powerbooks' writing workshops. We were busy before the holidays so we were not able to begin straightaway but now that we have more time in our hands, we thought of finally making this dream a reality :D Our online mag will cater to girls aged 16-26 years old, and will discuss not only fashion, beauty, and pop culture, but also real life issues and causes. We will also feature people, places, events, and food! Basically we will write about everything that interests us girls. And we are not just your ordinary bloggers, mind you. Ana is a Journalism graduate from UST while I have a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from PLM. (Which reminds me! PLM President Adel Tamano was a guest in today's Good Times with Mo. I am so proud of him! Such a shame he became university president after I graduated.)

Ana and I met online about three years ago and I am just so grateful of that. I loved the exchange of ideas we had yesterday, and the bonding we had over Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Mocha Mudslide Iceblended coffee and Toblerone Cheesecakes. We are soul sisters, dreaming to make it someday in our local magazine publishing industry and work for Summit Media where we both interned for (separately though, when we didn't know each other yet. Funny how fate...). But while that dream still seems so far-fetched, we thought of putting up our own publication bu utilizing technology and relying on word-of-mouth (or bytes, in this case haha!)

Anyway, we will 'release' the first issue before the end of February and we are hoping you will support our magazine :) I'll post the link once the site is ready. We bought hosting last night (from Kisty, thanks so much! :)) and we are preparing the articles already. Whew!

I have started tweaking the site today, and my brain wanted to drip out my ears :D I have used Multiply, Blogspot and Wordpress for all my previous blogs and I've never encountered the terms FTP, cPanel X, Box Trapper, Account Level Filtering, Raw Access Logs and all those other nosebleed-inducing jargons before! I clicked and clicked, and finally I was able to figure out some of it. For someone with no formal training in CSS and html and website thingies before, I must say I did pretty good :D

So yeah, I do hope we'll finish everything SOON! We have very good plans for this venture and we would certainly want to see everything come to fruition.

I am just so happy and thankful for this "creative outlet". Writing (and sharing it with others) is something I am (and have always been) passionate about so I am really feeling enthusiastic and excited towards gloss. Good vibes all around. I hope you all enjoy gloss once it's out and we promise to bring you quality (and fun!) articles. Sweet shimmering kisses!


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  2. CONGRATS. Link me up please, I want to read :)

    ps. mocha mudslide from coffee bean can make me suirm everytime!!

  3. thanks andhari! will surely do ;)

    really? why? it was actually my first time to try mocha mudslide since i've always ordered white chocolate dream :D

  4. Hey deary! How are you? Looks like you've been pretty busy. I'm really looking forward to checking out your online mag. Please let me know as soon as you have it up. Good Luck and more power! I'm a fan already. =)

  5. thanks mel! i am so looking forward to the release of gloss :D


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