Life in plastic, it's fantastic! A day with Barbies.

07 July 2018

This blog post is three months too late—there was a moment there that I couldn't muster up enough interest to write, but here it is now, and I am glad to be back.

As you may know, I started collecting dolls again last year. With my boyfriend's help and the bustling doll collecting community here in the Philippines, I slowly but surely built my doll collection, and one of the highlights since I began is being invited to the office of Richprime Global, Inc.

You are seeing just a portion of the Barbie collection of Miss Myrna Yao, founder of Richprime Global, Inc. here. These glass cabinets as well as Richprime's storage room gave me a peek to the most Barbie dolls I have seen in one day!

This visit wouldn't have been possible without Rue's kind invitation. We met at a Sample Room event years ago and it's so nice to cross paths with her again!

My boyfriend J accompanied me to the Richprime Global, Inc.'s office towards the latter part of March this year. I have been on bed rest for more than a month following my myomectomy and I was itching to go out of the house. It still wasn't easy for me to walk then but seeing all these Barbies in person energized me!

I was a given a peek at the newest Barbie dolls and play-sets released locally, some of which I either have already, or ended up purchasing after. No regrets. Hee.

Barbie Made to Move Martial Artist and look, a Barbie Made to Move Dancer like the one I have!

Barbie Fashionistas Dolls with additional outfits and accessories

Barbie Career Dolls

Barbie Crayola Color-in Fashion

And oh my gosh, I love this assortment of Barbie Career Places!

Art Studio
Grocery Store
Science Lab
And these other sets that provide endless hours of imagination and play!

But oh my word, my heart is beat-beat-beating for these Silkstones. I want to fill a display shelf with them!

Fiorella Silkstone Barbie
Fashionably Floral Silkstone Barbie

You may remember J giving me my first Silkstone Barbie as a Christmas gift. I named her Barbara Kristy and she is as pretty as ever. She's a Classic Camel Coat Doll and you may get your own here. I also want the Classic Cocktail Dress Barbie and the new Elegant Rose Cocktail Dress Doll, and I dream to have the Bride Silkstone Barbie when I get married.

Thanks again for your very kind invitation, Rue! J and I had a great time perusing the rows and rows of shelves and adding more dolls to my never-ending wish list! So many other pop culture dolls I want to include in my collection! The Jennifer Lopez Barbie, the Tomb Raider Barbie, the Jurassic World 2 Barbies, and the iconic Day-to-Night Barbie! I also recently got the new Curvy and Tall dolls from the second wave of Barbie Made to Moves, and I want more so I can re-body some of my dolls.

And because Kids Company is generous to us kids and kids-at-heart, they gave me a code I can share with you so you can enjoy 15% off your regular-priced purchases from Kids Company (except Shopkins, Hatchimals, Happy Places, and Pikmi Pops) until the end of December 2018! Just enter KRISSYFIED upon checkout to enjoy this discount.

Thank you for reading, and tweet me or email me in case you were able to use my code successfully because I want to live vicariously through your toy purchases! ❤  

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