Review: Barbie® Made To Move™ Skateboarder

21 January 2018

Sometimes life feels like one easy-breezy ride.

And then sometimes you fall flat on your face.

The best thing to do is take it easy.

Fight courageously, yet accept losses gracefully.

Most importantly, celebrate life's winning moments, however minute they may seem.

As for me, one of my wins this past week is finally scoring a Barbie® Made To Move™ Skateboarder  after looking for her everywhere! Huge thanks to Rue of Richwell for her help!

  • Barbie® skateboarder doll features flexibility for extra-cool moves — 22 “joints” in the neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees AND ankles allow an incredibly realistic range of motion!
  • Her skateboarding outfit is casually cool with light blue leggings, a graphic tee, a plaid shirt and white sneakers.
  • A purple skateboard and red helmet will help her land new tricks.
  • Young sport lovers will find all kinds of stories to play out and all types of moves to make with Barbie® skateboarder doll.
I used to not mind her during my toy haunts with my boyfriend because I didn't care for her outfit. When I finally took notice of her face and decided I liked her, we couldn't find her anywhere! I am so thrilled that she is finally mine!

Because of her Made to Move body, she's really flexible and the possibilities are endless! I figured I can always change her clothes, but upon considering it, the outfit she came with is actually pretty cool. Still, I would love to see her without her helmet and wearing pretty dresses.

Mind you, the helmet proved very handy when she took a lot of hits earlier because she kept on falling while I was trying to take her photos.

She has a very pretty face. I also love her dusty pink/ old rose lipstick!

Her articulation allows her to do any pose you can imagine but her plaid shirt somehow restricts her movement. I'll take more photos of her without the plaid shirt on next time.

Right now we'll just chill and enjoy the weekend.

By the way, I decided to name her Cassandra. Nickname, Sandy.

Thank you for reading! ♥ 

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