Nate Ruess in Manila

20 January 2016

My friends, it finally happened.

I finally heard Nate Ruess sing live at his concert in Kia Theater last night.

But if you were to ask me how it went, what I felt, or what happened, I probably won't be able to answer you.

If you were to ask me how it went, it would appear I have no recollection of the sequence of songs he and The Band Romantic sang.

If you were to ask me how I felt, it would appear I won't be able to give you a suitable response.

Surreal. Everything was surreal. 

I feel like I had an out-of-body experience last night, like my happiness at finally hearing him sing live after all these years of pining and wishing he'd come here transcends everything else.

Based on Youtube videos of his live performances, I already know he is great. Of course I wouldn't be a fan if he isn't, right? What I didn't know was how GREAT he is. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking and marvelous and grand. No need for special effects nor fancy backdrops, Nate Ruess exceeded all my impossibly high expectations and the two hour-concert can't even begin to encapsulate how amazing he is.

He moves and dances around the stage A LOT so it's virtually impossible to take good shots of him, but Miah managed. All photos in this post (except for the last two below) were taken by him.

My only complaint is how the theater put chairs and how the bouncers kept on making us sit down and didn't allow us to approach the stage where we can easily high-five Nate, even when Nate kept on making us stand up and dance. Haven't they seen any of his performances? The audience should have been made to stand up. It's a concert, people! More importantly, it was a Nate Ruess concert! 

I didn't care. I stood up and danced and clapped and cheered on Nate as enthusiastically as I could.

Before we knew it, the concert was done, the spell was broken, and it was back to the real world for us.

Some nights I always win, I always win ♬♪♫♬♫♪

P.S: I wish they sold Nate Ruess merchandise. I still don't have his album.

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