The Modworld Popcorn Club presents: Jurassic World

03 June 2015

So many GREAT movies coming out soon, and I feel SO grateful to be living in this lifetime. ^_^ One of the movies I am excited to see is Jurassic World, and it's going to be shown in less than two weeks!

What could be better than seeing dinosaurs trying to kill interacting with humans on the big screen? Seeing dinosaurs trying to kill interacting with humans on the big screen in 3D! I remember seeing Jurassic Park when I was a kid and feeling positively terrified, so I am looking forward to a more larger than life movie this time thanks to improved special effects. I'm all for hyperbole but I'm not exactly a fan of using the word 'epic' to describe something, but yeah, this is going to be epic! I'm going to the Modworld Popcorn Club screening in SM Megamall on June 13, and you can also get tickets for you and your family and friends by visiting this link!

Jurassic World is actually The Modworld Popcorn Club's first offering. 3x3: 3 Movies in 3D is a series of block screening events happening from June to August and will also include the movies Minions (July 11) and The Fantastic Four (August 8).

In June, we explore what Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park film series, has in store for all of us. Expect a thrilling ride as Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) protects the park’s patrons from the deadly rampage of the hybrid dinosaur known as the Indominus Rex. [Get tickets] 
Our favorite yellow creatures are back in July as Minions, a prequel and spin-off movie to Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 brings us the laughs. Take the journey with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as they search for a new master. The film features the voices of Pierre Coffin, Sandra Bullock, and Jon Hamm.
Finally, in August, let’s meet Mister Fantastic, the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and The Thing—four people whose altered physical forms grant them special abilities—work together to harness their powers and save the Earth. Fantastic Four is a reboot of the film franchise of the same name, and stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell.
I am paranoid when it comes to my anticipated movies and seats that I prefer to reserve my tickets online the moment they become available. I did this for the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and the Batman trilogy movies hee. (Thank you, credit card!) Aside from the ease and convenience it brings, purchasing your tickets online relieves you from worrying you won't get prime seats. (Or is it just me who gets antsy for movies like this? I'm sure it's not just me, heh.) To buy your tickets for Modworld Production's screening of Jurassic World in 3D, simply go to Modworld Production's website and accomplish the purchase form to buy tickets. P475 gives you a Blue Ticket which entitles you to the movie screening and a goodie bag, while P525 gives you a Red Ticket which comes with the movie screening, a goodie bag, and an SM SnackTime snack package! Further instructions on how to transact payments will be sent to you once you have submitted your form. I also urge you to visit Modworld Production's website now as they're giving away tickets to the Jurassic World 3D screening on June 13!

Again: Dinosaurs! In 3D! This is the closest thing I'll ever get near one without fearing for my life (discounting the fact that, you know, there aren't any dinosaurs alive IRL anymore)! I can't wait! Tweet me if you're going to the screening, too!

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  1. Yes to the Jurassic World! As if they haven't learned anything from the first 3 movies hahahha

  2. Haha yeah! I'm so excited to see the movie! :D

  3. San Andreas terrified me badly. Will this do an even better job, I wonder? I'm kind of hoping so, while dreading it at the same time. Hahaha!


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