The last two days

25 October 2014

I always strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and the last two days is a perfect example of that. Although the hours are not that crazy (I get to the office before 8 AM and can leave before 5 PM), I belong in an industry where stress levels are high but in my two years of being here, I have learned to choose my battles and let things that are beyond my control just slide off me. This has resulted to a better attitude towards work and a more efficient way of dealing with things.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the highlights of the past two days. ( ⋂‿⋂’)


I went to The Philippine Literary Festival  2014 organized by National Bookstore and held in Raffles Hotel, Makati. Things like this do not happen often so I took a two-day leave from work which my bosses readily agreed to. I spent many days being excited for this and it's extremely important to me that I get to attend.

I am terrified of people I don't know but I managed. The three best things that happened to me that day are:

Finally seeing Miss Pam Pastor again after I sat next to her during a hair makeover-event three years ago. I am so kilig that she remembered me! I'm just going to overlook the part that she probably does because I 'like' her Facebook and Instagram posts all the time. (◡‿◡✿)

Getting Miss Pam to sign my copy of Paper Cuts. I teared up when I read what she wrote. This is my current cover photo on Facebook. ❤

Seeing Manix Abrera again and having him sign my copies of Kikomachine Komix #10Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014 where he contributed a story, and his new book of silent comics 14. I think Alvin and I waited almost two hours for my turn, but it was a blip compared to the six hours I spent waiting at Free Comic Book Day last year. 。^‿^。 Bonus points for seeing Manix do a 'reading' of three chapters from 14 and being there for the Q and A portion! (And hey! He still remembers me!)


I meant to attend all panels for the PLF 2014's second day. I really did. But the day being the same day as Forever 21's (which is our client) show for Philippine Fashion Week constantly nagged at me, and I felt too guilty for leaving my other officemates to do all the work, so I just decided to go to the show in time to help at the Registration Area. This meant missing at least two other panels I wanted to go to, but it's okay. My favorite parts of this day are:

Being at the Amy Tan | Author Spotlight panel hosted by Jessica Zafra, because what could be better than two literary giants sharing a stage? I instantly liked her because she's funny, self-deprecating, and very inspiring. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never read any of her works *proceeds to hang head in shame* but that will be rectified soon! I regret that I didn't brave the crowds and line up for her autograph today. (⌣_⌣”)

For some people who are sad for missing the Philippine Literary Festival 2014 (like my friend Alex), I'll try to write a more comprehensive post about my PLF experience within the week!

Pulling through for the Forever 21 PhFW show. Despite a teeny-tiny mishap, the show was successful and well-attended!

And finally, that incredible feeling of accomplishment after a long and extremely busy week and you can say, "Hello, Friday!"

So, yes, it is possible to have a healthy work-life balance so long as you manage your time well, sort your priorities, and make sure to attend to your responsibilities! It is important for me to take time away for my hobbies and other interests outside of work because when things in the office get a little bit crazy crazier than usual, they are the only things that keep me sane.

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  1. Seems like you had some busy days! I can't wait to read your upcoming post about the PLF. I'm still sad I missed it because I wanted to attend the Komikera Panel/Exhibit and also because Amy Tan was there.


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