Currently Vol. 10

09 March 2015

Hello! After more than two months, I am so happy that I was again able to create art.

Originally captioned "I wished for a star, but I got a galaxy" but my friend Hazel also suggested "You have bottled up all the stars tonight." We can also name it "Stars in a Jar." So many possibilities!
"Why empower women?" Because women make things beautiful. I channel my emotions through my writing and my art, and I feel most empowered when I make. Yesterday, we celebrated International Women's Day, and although I haven't felt discriminated against because I am a woman, other women throughout the world do not enjoy this freedom. By helping spread awareness, I do hope gender equality does not remain just a concept to aspire for but a reality. I am supporting Woman, Create in spreading this message.
My OotD from last week's Shakey's Cup of Excellence
My over-eager hands messed up the left arm, but this didn't stop me from using it as my current Facebook profile photo.
Here is this week's Currently!


Never Just Friends by Mina Esguerra. Mina asked us to read New Adult books in preparation for #SparkNA and this was the first I saw on my Kindle. One almost done, several more to go as I purchased a lot off Amazon over the weekend. Support Filipino authors!

My submission for the first activity for #SparkNA. The class will start on April!

Nothing Without Love by Nate Ruess.

I bought the song from iTunes the day it was released and believe me, that *is* a big deal because the last time I bought legit music was years ago. It has been on constant loop since. I miss Fun. huhu but I'm willing to get anything I can get.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Vineyard Peach. My skin has been extra dry lately so I'm smoothed this on before bedtime.

My comfy pajamas.

Of the next few weekends. Lots of plans like the Sample Room BBQ, Shakey's Fun Run, and beach! I can't wait for a proper vacation.

Excited. I can't wait to feel sand between my toes again!

My red hair.

For this month to be over and done with. But then again, can we go back to the end of February and just restart this month instead?

A lot of energy to get me through this month.

I can think of something nice to do on my birthday which is happening LESS THAN A MONTH FROM NOW. Wish me luck.

Take care of your hearts, my friends.


  1. Lapit na birthday natin Twinnie! Go set up na ng event :)) (kidding!)

  2. Super lapit naaaa! Wala pa rin ako naiisip gawin, lagi na lang rushed preparations ko tuloy. XD


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