Oh October!

01 October 2014

I was so tempted to use Oh-ctober! as this post's title but was too afraid to be met with crickets and collective booing from the Internet so I stuck with this one instead. Heh.

So, October. This morning I posted this on Instagram:

There's something about the changing of colors and temperature that makes this my favorite month of all.
Funny how in just a few hours, a storm can literally rain on my parade.

Chum, Sheila, and I were stuck in Mike's car for more than three hours trying to get home from Makati to Navotas. 

Expectation : Bokeh-filled, romantic rainy night while raindrops pitter-patter softly on the windows
Reality : Just add water = instant Manila traffic jams resulting to hot heads, angry horns, and hungry tummies
Good thing I bought a pretzel on our way to the parking lot.

Seriously, it has been going on for several years now but we never learn. No improvements on the drainage system, nor on urban planning, nor on contingency measures when the rain comes. All you need is a little rain and Manila gets nearer to Dan Brown's "gates of hell" blurb that got the nation fuming with rage, calling for the author to be considered a persona non grata, what up.

Tried to make the most out of the sucky situation by whipping out my laptop and trying to be productive
At least I was with my friends. Being with them made things 100,000X better.

Hope your October started out better than mine did, and may you have a wonderful month ahead!

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