The Happiest Thank You

06 October 2014

I was touched and felt really giddy when I received a Coke bottle with my name on it as a surprise months ago, so just imagine my reaction when they contacted me to say I can surprise two more people with their own personalized Coca-Cola bottles!

I have a long list of friends I would love to Share a Coke with, but I just had to give it to the Top Two people in my life: my parents.

Seeing the sheer delight on their faces when I presented them with their Coke bottles? Priceless. It was worth having this huge and heavy box delivered to my office address so I can be the one to personally give them these when I got home. ❤ Thank you for giving me the chance to say The Happiest Thank You to my parents, Coca-Cola!

You may wonder why I didn't request for Mama and Papa to be put on the bottles. Well, I just feel that they are so much more than the main roles they play in my and my siblings' lives, and I wanted to thank them personally with this sweet gesture. Having our own names on these special edition Coke bottles just feels more special, don't you agree?

And since we're in the subject of giving a more personal spin to expressing thanks, why don't we take a moment and think of the people who help us every day, that we have seemed to learn to take them for granted? I'm sure most of you have already seen the video below, but for those who haven't yet, check this out.

I have a thing for sappy commercials and this made me shed happy tears when I watched it for the first time. :,) Such a wonderful initiative, yes? Thank you, Coca-Cola!

Do you already have your own Coke bottle? Would you like to give your family and friends their own? Check the Share a Coke website to see the list of names that have already been printed and to see the Share a Coke mall tour schedule, where you can have the chance to personalize your own bottles!

The Happiest Thank You for visiting my blog and sticking around! You are awesome. ♥~(‘▽^人) 

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