23 October 2014

It's astounding how some people lack compassion.

I should be excitedly typing, sharing my experience and excitement at having met some of my idols from the local publishing scene at the first day of The Philippine Literary Festival 2014 held in Raffles Hotel today, but instead I am reeling. 

Yesterday, MRT operations were disrupted after a man threatened to jump. Lots of commuters had to walk or find alternate means of going home, causing massive traffic and major inconvenience. I could sympathize as I used to take the train and I know how much of a hassle disruptions like this bring. What makes me sick though are comments about how that man is so selfish, that he just wants attention, and - this seriously made my skin crawl - that he should have just killed himself at home. For someone to even think of ending his life means he is in a very dark place and help must be sought immediately. Sadly, for most, that is not an option because it's either they don't have the financial capability to support treatments, or they feel the stigma and get scared to reach out until they're driven into that even darker space they can't get out of anymore. Suicide is a serious issue and jokes about it should never be thrown around.

Don't even get me started on horrible, horrible things I hear people say about Jennifer Laude and how she "deserved" what happened to her. I pity them for their bigoted minds, and then I feel disgusted.

Have we become so callous? I know we are all entitled to our own opinion, but with views like this, are we saying that this is the new normal? That hearing news about someone being murdered or someone wanting to take his or her life doesn't shock us anymore? We should be shocked. We should be angry. We should be angry at a society that thinks murder is justifiable and where suicide gets taken lightly.

I have so many feelings about this.


  1. Our society needs a major makeover. Minsan kasi ang mga tao memasabi nalang. They don't even think twice anymore. It's a sad and horrifying situation. Suicide and murder are two things that should never be taken lightly. And it angers me when people - who clearly have their heads up their asses - comments insensitively about these things.

  2. Humans are selfish creatures. That's the sad thing about it. They think it's ok for a person to kill him/herself as long as it doesn't bother them.

  3. Hi Cris! Gosh, you're right, it has been more than a year now! How time flies!

    That said, I can tell you that I still haven't left the country and I still haven't met my Ted Mosby. Make of that what you will. :D

  4. Me, too! Some people should learn to be more sensitive and tactful. Arguing with them is pointless especially when they don't accept other people's views. You're right, our society needs a major makeover. :/

  5. I just had my reading.... Hope all is well... :)

  6. Hi krissy! How much are the charms?


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