Review: Heroine Make Eye Makeup

28 September 2014

I realized I had so many things I wanted to say about the subject so before I knew it, what was supposed to be a quick prelude to my review of Heroine Make became a full-blown post of its own. After that, work took precedence so this comes a week late. Still, better late than much later. (^_−)☆

Here are some of my favorite Heroine Make products for the eyes that I received when I attended its launch event held in Makati Shangri-La Hotel late last month:

All Heroine Make:
Long & Curl Mascara, Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, Quick Eyebrow, and Eyelash Curler
I love using these because they are so easy to use! Also, true to Heroine Make's claims that you don’t have to worry about your makeup once you leave the house, these stay put the whole day. Perfect for girls who get either too lazy to retouch or too busy working on other projects to mind their makeup! Check out my capsule review of these four products below.

Bare eyes
Heroine Make Eyelash Curler

Save for a plastic unbranded eyelash curler that failed to cross over from Expectation to Reality, I've never owned an eyelash curler in my life, so I was secretly thrilled to find one in my gift box. Judging eyelash curlers should be easy; they either curl your lashes successfully or they don't. My Heroine Make Eyelash Curler did the job successfully and effortlessly and I didn't even need to fear pinching my skin!

See? Plus points for including an extra rubber pad!

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara in Black (P595)

I read somewhere before that a mascara's powers rely not in the mascara itself exactly, but in the brush. I have a feeling it's right, and so for your information the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara brush looks like this:

Heroine Make says the curved brush is specially shaped to fit the natural curve of your lashes to ensure every single strand is coated and curled! 
It has a waterproof formula and promises dramatic length and long-lasting curl.

The photo above shows a direct comparison of my lashes with and without the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. It doesn't do much in terms of thickness but I do love the length it adds! It stays the whole day but is easy to remove using my eye makeup remover. I have another one of the same product in Brown and I use it on more casual days.

If anyone's interested, Heroine Make also offers other mascaras like the Impact Frame & Curl Mascara (which Tellie swears by) and Volume & Curl Mascara.

Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow in Light Brown #03 (P345)

I was initially concerned about this one because it doesn't have a cap; instead you get a twist dispense tip. It felt weird the first few times I used it because I always think like I misplaced the cap, but I realized just how convenient it is to just twist, draw, and go! It gives very natural-looking brows so I whip it out on days I don't want to look like I made too much effort, heh. Most days, I use either my Ellana Eyeshadow Quad that also functions as eyebrow powder or my The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Eyebrow Pencil (which incidentally ran out last week, huhu).

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner in Black #01 

I like gel eyeliner because they're easy to use but I hate that they dry in their pots before I get the chance to use them all up. I like liquid eyeliner but hate the waiting-and-peeking game. I'm sure anyone who has ever accidentally opened their eyes while waiting for liquid eyeliner to dry can relate. Eyeliners are the bane of my existence, but this? THIS, I LOVE. The brush feels soft, doesn't tug, and so easy to control! Dries in seconds and stays put all day, too! But like the mascara, it's very easy to remove using my eye makeup remover. I LOVE THIS!

Now here's a sample look I made using these Heroine Make products:

My winged liners from before looked odd, but my Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner gave me more precise control!
It was very easy to do considering I haven't practiced doing cat eyes that much! I did this at around 11 AM, crossing my fingers that it won't melt before 6 PM, which was round about the time our event for work was supposed to start. My makeup stayed put all day and I was so happy that I repeated the same look at another, more major event the day after!

Makeup doesn't have to be complicated. Thanks for helping me make my eye makeup routine easier and faster to do, Heroine Make!

(Disclosure: Products were given to me at the Heroine Make launch event but I was not required nor compensated to write a review. Please see my complete Disclosure Policy here.)


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