A wholesome day at The Wholesome Table

06 September 2014

It has been a long and tiring workweek that when Friday came, I was so ready to curl up under the covers and never emerge again until Monday morning. But as I already made plans to meet up with Ana, I forced myself to get ready and face the long commute from Navotas to Fort Bonifacio. I hate it when people cancel on me so why should I do the same to others?

She has been wanting to try The Wholesome Table in Bonifacio High Street (where Aria Cucina Italiana used to be) so that's where we went. Ana is a vegetarian and tries to maintain an active lifestyle so I was sure she will enjoy its all-organic offerings.

As for me, I have been there a couple of times already since I work in PR and they're one of our clients, but even without that little tidbit of information I can really say that my visits have always been more than satisfactory.

I just love going here because this is by far the prettiest restaurant I have ever stepped into. Just look at these photos.

It's amazing how much work and attention to detail its owner Bianca Elizalde put into it. She said she wants something that evokes a homey and cozy feeling, and she succeeded big time. No matter where you look, every little corner is Instagram-worthy. The Wholesome Table is an excellent treat for all the senses.

"In this lifetime you will only have one body; and if you are what you eat, then eat right and eat well." Thus says The Wholesome Table's manifesto. An organic restaurant through and through, TWT serves farm-to-table dishes that are as delicious as they are healthy.

Complimentary bread and butter
My Salmon in Basil Cream Sauce Pasta
Ana's Pineapple Mint Yogurt Shake and my Pineapple Mint Soda
Not shown in the photos is Ana's huge Vegan Burger.

When it comes to organic food, it's not so much as the meals themselves as the ingredients used and the methods in which they were prepared. One misconception about it is that the flavors are bland because of the absence of sodium and artificial sweeteners, but I am happy to report that I have never experienced such in The Wholesome Table. Everything I have tried here, I loved.

More than the food and ambiance, I also cherished Ana's company. She is my soul sister in that we both have this incessant and insatiable need to learn, experience, and get the most we can out of life. I have lost count of how many years we've been friends (and how many concerts and movies we've seen together), and it's great that even though we don't see each other as much and it seems like so many things have changed, everything still remains the same. We laughed, we swapped stories, we exchanged little gifts, we updated each other on what's going on with our respective careers and dreams, and we commiserated over the lack of [romantic] love in our lives.

And then, when the bill comes you least expect it, it arrives.

Going to posh restaurants to dine and swap stories is now a regular fixture in our friendship. The Wholesome Table gets our approval and I'm looking forward to going back and trying the other dishes!


  1. Huhuhu naiyak ako sa food review nato. :) <3 till the next, sis!!!

  2. In a good way, I hope? Haha until the next one! ^_^

  3. Beautiful interiors! I can't wait to try the Salmon in Basil cream sauce and the pineapple mint yogurt shake!

    x Francesca of http://primpandpaper.blogspot.com/


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