Geek in the Pink with Four Eyes

05 July 2014

This is the second part of my review on Four Eyes and their services. Please click here to read the first half of this review.

All my favorite things to do in life, I won't be able to do without a reliable partner.

An eyesight partner, that is.

Reading, writing, watching movies, playing with makeup - all those activities will be deemed inconceivable if I am not able to see clearly. I need prescription glasses because as I mentioned, going through life without my glasses on feels like watching a 3D movie without wearing 3D glasses and really, what's the point of that?

About a week since Four Eyes got my Home Try-On kit back with my choice labelled (the delay was caused by my having it delivered to my office address), I got my eyeglasses with the lenses properly graded! I chose Sakura

Did you guess that I was going to choose this? High five if you did!

I have been wearing my new glasses since Wednesday and I am absolutely loving how clearer and brighter the world looks! Of course it looks the same to you 20/20 vision folks out there, but as I have been using the same glasses for two years before I had it replaced I'm sure you get my point.

Isn't she pretty? Isn't she lovely?
I originally wanted to get Jigsaw Puzzle because a black pair is more practical as it goes well with everything, but I couldn't resist how pretty Sakura looks. It was also what majority of my friends chose when I showed them the photos. My friends know me so well. ❤

It's made of metal and plastic. The stems look like capiz shells.
It's also a throwback to my old eyeglasses, I guess. Of the many pairs I've had since I was eight years old, four of them were pink.

Comparison with my old Ray-Ban tortoiseshell pair
For a very affordable price, I was able to get a high-quality pair that can hold its own when placed beside my glasses that cost me more than P8,000.

I love my Sakura so much but I have to admit its color makes it a bit difficult to coordinate with some of my outfits. Also, because it's in a very light shade of pink, I need to wear lipstick when I'm out lest I look too pale. Well, it's not a necessity really, but that's just my vain side talking. Don't mind me too much, heh.

Looking at life through Sakura-colored frames
All in all, I loved Four Eyes and I highly recommend their products and services to everyone. If you're like me who can't last more than a few hours without prescription glasses, or you like wearing glasses because geek-chic, or you want sunglasses and get a pair for the less fortunate, then visit Four Eyes and check out their wide collection of glasses for everyone. As for me, I really liked their A Pair for A Pair advocacy so I am planning to get another pair for myself as backup. I wanted to get Royal Gypsy but I didn't because none of my friends liked it on me. I can't get it out of my head though and you know me, I can be stubborn when I want to so we'll see.

Disclosure: I was contacted by Four Eyes and got my pair for free. This post is not sponsored nor compensated, and all opinions are my own. Read my disclosure policy here. Read the first part of my review here.


  1. High-five! I mentally picked Sakura when I read your first review (sorry, wasn't able to comment). It looks good and I think the color is neutral enough naman.

  2. Hee thanks, Gen! Glad you think so! :)

    (I still want to get Royal Gypsy, though... Hehehe)

  3. Sakura looks really good on you! <3


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