Thoughtful Thoughts: Time

13 July 2014

Nothing reminds us of our own mortality than the death of someone, even more so when it's a loved one. It's a rude awakening of the fact that we are not invincible, that life is but a series of hellos and goodbyes, and that we are just passing through. We are encouraged more than ever to make the most out of life and make sure that when the end of our days comes, we won't be accompanied on our death-beds by regrets.

We are just passing through. Are you enjoying the path you're treading?
It always feels like time is not enough. So many pursuits, not enough punch. There are so many things I want to do, but not enough opportunities (and resources) to go do them. I'd like to watch more movies, read more books, take more classes, see more of the world, create more... but I can only do so much.

Still, I am making the most out of what I can do. This weekend, I started taking an interest in gardening.

My mint plant and succulents from the Aranaz farm
I got these from the Boqueria-themed press preview of Aranaz's Resort '15 collection held at the Privato Hotel last Wednesday. (More details and photos from that event soon.) Unlike my mom, I don't have a green thumb so I am really hoping and crossing my fingers that these plants won't die on me. I did my research and read up a lot of materials online on how to take care of them. I am actually planning to bring the mint plant to my aunt's garden because it is bigger there but the succulents will stay with me. I also woke up yesterday feeling this intense desire to make my own terrarium so I also read up on it. My only problem is I don't know a lot of stores selling plants here in Manila so I don't know where to get the materials. Craft MNL will have a terrarium building workshop under Wawi Navarozza on August 10 so if this desire hasn't waned by then, then I will enroll. I really enjoyed Craft MNL's Stamptabulous dye-and-stamp workshop last year so I'm sure this will be just as helpful.

Regarding the romance novella I'm writing... Well, I was supposed to finish it on the end of July but I hit a roadblock so I don't think I can. I promise I will finish it, though. In the meantime, I'd like to share this with you:

The GALvanizers
Visit the site and be a part of this community!
The theme of the first issue is You are the Sun, which centers on "acting on your choices, dreaming big dreams, going easy on yourself, and being the writer you want to be." I was emailed by its editors Bea and Isa less than a month ago to ask me to participate, and there is no shame in saying I felt extremely flattered and giddy being a fan of their work, I said yes straightaway! I was asked to write about "my writing journey", and you can read my article here, accompanied by Lari Gazmen's beautiful artwork.

When you start out with the dream of becoming a writer, the future glows with potential. But the journey is paved with fear. Krissy writes about the dreaming, the overcoming and the eventual doing.
Thanks for asking me to be a part of this special project, Bea and Isa! My heart is grateful.

So, yeah. So many things I want to do, so little time.

Somehow, I make do.


  1. Pictures are amazing!

  2. So sorry for your loss...I feel what you mean, about time being so fleeting. Good reminder to do as much as we are able and enjoy every moment!

    Love the succulents :)


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