Wear your hair up

30 July 2014

This August, you may attend a hot Cali wedding and a San Francisco wedding photographer will capture you and your bridesmaid style. Because August is always hot especially in California, here is a tip on how to survive a wedding in heat for those who might need it.

First of all, if your ears are nice (and I’m sure they are), wear your hair up. It is comfortable and chic and there are dozens of hairstyles that you can choose from. If you know how to accessorize a look with the hair up, there is no way you’ll get it wrong.

Anna Paquin wore her hair in a retro-inspired style for the 7th and final season premiere of True Blood. She just put on beautiful gold jewelry and voila, total hit for the red carpet. Diane Kruger let some strands loose in the front but made a whole party in the back of her head with the help of a few directional plaits at the premiere of the controversial TV series Fargo. The little braid looked absolutely fantastic and made the blonde hair look bohemian and chaotic at the same time.

The chic knotted up-do is something that comes natural to a pink lipstick and a Mad Men kind of dress while the side swept up-do together with a classic '60s-inspired makeup can make you look like a first lady. Add some huge earrings and you’ll be a typical '90s supermodel attending Armani parties. A high rise up-do plus some long pair of lashes is easy to do and always looks great. It goes perfectly not only for weddings but also for high tea, job interviews, romantic dates and dinners out.

If you’re searching for a hairstyle that makes you look extremely elegant, the low slung side up-do is the answer. It will make you look like Cate Blanchett and your grandmother will be so glad you did it as it’s a hairstyle adored by all generations. Also, don’t forget about the high ballet bun with a loosely parted fringe which is a super stylish way of dealing with your naughty hair. ;)

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