The abscess.

01 July 2014

I did not welcome the new month on a bright note.

An abscess on my right leg is bothering me too much. I can walk but it's painful, especially when something touches or hits it accidentally. Eric, my officemate/ friend Rica's husband, recommended for me to have it incised and drained (just typing that down makes me cringe and imagine painful things) so I went on sick leave today to go to the hospital.

Hospitals belong to my list of my least favorite places in the world. Thankfully I didn't have to stay long. The doctor said we have to wait for the abscess to fully ripen before he can attempt to remove it because trying to do it now will be awfully painful and bloody. Instead he recommended I continue with my antibiotics and warm compress, and prescribed painkillers. If by Saturday it still hasn't healed, then he will cut it open and drain the pus. So yes, now I have an ugly blob of swollen mass on my right leg and I can't wait for it to be gone.

As with life and relationships, may we have the courage to let go of the ones that no longer serve us a purpose. If something brings more harm than good (i.e. relationships that make you question your self-worth and result to lower self-esteem), then it's time to cut it off. It's not selfishness, even; it's self-preservation.

I just realized that I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions, and Michael Bay movies. If you haven't yet, may you come across that realization soon enough, too.


  1. ah krissy! Hope you get well soon! And the life lesson is indeed true! I still think it's cool how you can pick a lesson through your abscess, kkk~ I miss blogging so muchhh >___<

  2. Ang sad, but true :p

  3. get well soon! and hope that won't leave an ugly mark on your leg. :)


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