A eulogy

11 July 2014

Everything is fleeting.

Your perfume will wear off before the day ends. Your eye makeup, no matter how budge-proof it claims to be, will smudge. Trends come and go. Your favorite TV show will end no matter how you badger the producers to keep it on air. The flowers in the garden will bloom and then wilt. Even your favorite toys as a child will either be lost to wear and tear or be kept hidden in the attic and never see the light of day again, until the time comes when you'll have to pack all your things and move. The lyrics of your favorite song, in time, will be forgotten and when heard again, will remind you of times past. Memories fade, photographs of these beautiful memories will fade. Even the sun gives way to the moon and vice versa. It's a never-ending cycle and everyone is affected; it's arrogant and ignorant to think you will not fade into oblivion eventually.

Today we said goodbye to my grandfather. I'd like to think he had a good and happy life. He and my grandmother had eleven children, one them my father. My life is a product of him and his circumstances, together with the life and circumstances of everyone before him. I am grateful and I will miss him.

Goodbye, Lolo Popoy. Please watch over us together with Lola Binyang, my sister Kim, and my dear friend Poly. May your soul rest in peace. ♥

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