My initial thoughts on Four Eyes

20 June 2014

Time flew by, I didn't even realize I have been using my glasses for two years now if my Timehop app didn't bring it to my attention.

My Ray-Ban tortoiseshell pair is my most trusted accessory. Aside from loving its unique style and how it frames my face, I literally can't see clearly without it. Not blind, no, but it will feel like I'm watching a 3D movie without 3D glasses on. Can you imagine how disconcerting and dizziness-inducing that will be?

As much as I love it though, I need to let it go at least for a while and have new glasses made as my head has started hurting frequently - a sign that I would have to have my prescription upgraded. The email from Four Eyes to try their services couldn't have come at a better time! Here are my initial thoughts on their service.

Four Eyes is an online optical shop that aims to make eyeglass-shopping easier and more convenient for us consumers. Now you can get new eyeglasses and even sunglasses without leaving the comforts of your home! They offer a wide range of styles for both men and women, all for only P1,495 each. The lenses are offered for free if you opt for Non-Rx or Normal Index Rx lenses, and then you just have to add a minimal fee for other types of lenses: Rx Mid-Index Thin (+ P500), Rx Hi-Index Ultra thin (+ P2,000), Bi-focal (+ P1,250), and Photochromic lenses (+ P1,000). The great thing about it? Shipping and handling is free!

I love Four Eyes for the following reasons:

Virtual Try-On

This service allows you to upload a photo of yourself so you can try the glasses on virtually and see whether it suits your face shape or not. I had a little too much fun with this service but let me show you my top six favorites:

Jigsaw, Sakura, Spotted, Break the Rule, Royal Gypsy, and Teacher's Favorite. Which one did you like best? This tool is also useful for when you want to show the photos to your family and friends so they can help you choose what suits you perfectly. Visit the site and try it for yourself! Just click on the glasses you would like to "try on", then click the Virtual Try-On button I encircled in red above.

♥ Home Try-On

After seeing your virtual self try the glasses on, it's time to try them on for real! You can choose as many as three glasses and have them sent to your address so you can see them in person before you decide what you liked best. This service is also offered for free! You just have to have your prescription ready if you opt for Rx glasses. I saw an eye doctor last week and she said my left eye's grade actually improved while the one on the right remained the same.

I ordered the glasses on Wednesday last week and requested for them to deliver on Monday. I got them on my requested date. :)

The glasses arrived bubble-wrapped and in a sturdy Four Eyes box. The instructions about this service were posted on the lid.

I was so excited to try everything! 

Breaking the Rule
It kinda looks like my current pair. I love the color and the shape but I didn't like it that much when I put it on because the stems are too long for my ears.
I love that it's in black so I won't have any problem matching it with my outfit or makeup. I also loved its sleek and modern look.
Soft old rose colors, stems made of capiz, and makes me look girly and chic yet still very professional.
Can you guess what I got? Eternal bragging rights for whoever gets it right! LOL. I called them to have the glasses picked up yesterday and I got scheduled the same day. So now, my glasses are already being processed. Yay!

♥ A Pair for a Pair

For every pair of eyewear that you buy from Four Eyes, they would donate a pair of Four Eyes prescription eyeglasses to someone in need of eyewear. They work with various recognized partner charities in making sure that the glasses are delivered directly to them. They actually have an outreach program in Cavite in partnership with World Vision this weekend, check out the Event page here and go visit if you can!

Since I got myself a Four Eyes pair, there is someone out there who will be given his/ her own pair as well. What a great initiative, yes? Being someone who suffers from poor vision, I appreciate that there are companies out there reaching out to those who need help. My friend Ralph also sympathizes and said he will get himself a pair of eyewear if only for this reason alone!

So, those are my initial thoughts on Four Eyes. Have you tried the site yet? I am so excited to get what I ordered! Please watch out for the second part of this review. ♥


  1. is this a filipino-owned brand/shop? very nice concept. :)
    i've been wearing glasses since high school and i feel you when you said its like watching 3d movie when you dont wear your specs. hehee. i prefer wearing glasses than contacts coz my eyes easily get irritated.

  2. I still like the glasses similar to your old one :D

  3. They are based in Manila but I'm not sure if it's Filipino-owned. I can find out for you. :)

    I also have contacts but I just wear them to special events or when I'm wearing nice eye makeup hihi. I prefer wearing glasses because contacts feel heavy and unnatural to me.

  4. I liked that too but the stems are too long for me. :(

  5. I was actually supposed to get Jigsaw because, well, black goes well with everything. But Sakura is too pretty so I ended up with that pair. <3


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