Pure 'N Fresh with Julia Barretto

11 May 2013

It was a rather busy week for me in the office but I was able to squeeze in a couple of hours to attend an event: the launch of the new Pure 'N Fresh Colognes with celebrity endorser Julia Barretto! Held on Tuesday afternoon in Bizu in Greenbelt, it mimicked a soirée complete with fancy cakes and girly little things!

Julia Barretto being interviewed by showbiz news reporters from the three biggest local TV networks
Dermatologist-tested and hypo-allergenic, Pure 'N Fresh Colognes are specially formulated for teens to complement their mild and sensitive skin. It comes in three fresh fruity floral scents:

Pure 'N Fresh Tropical Splash is an enchanting fusion of peaches and apricot scents that will surely leave you smelling sweet, preppy, and fresh the whole day. Pure 'N Fresh Blush Berry is an enticing blend of strawberry, pear, and apple blossom that will keep you feeling sassy, confident, and fabulous all night! Lastly, my personal favorite, Pure 'N Fresh Tangerine Delight has sparkling citrus notes of orange, mandarin, and apple that will keep you feeling lively, energetic, and fresh all day long. I can't stop sniffing it as I type... it just smells so good!

By the way, for all teenagers out there, you might want to visit Pure 'N Fresh's Facebook page because they turned it into a virtual hang-out spot where teens can learn and get tips on how to feel fresh, fine, and fabulous! They also have a Fabulosity app where teens can put up their own inspiration boards and get points just by pinning that they can use to redeem instant prizes from tie-up stores like F21, Fully Booked, Posh Nails, and Tomato. Cool, huh?

Julia will also share videos from time to time, dishing out advice to girls about common issues that plague us. Here's one where she shares how to be fab in just five minutes!

Some other photos from that day:

Tracy, Julia, Ana, and me
Jackie and me
More than anything else, I wanted to go to this event because it was my old boss from my OJT days in Summit Media, Miss Marcie, who invited me. It's so awesome to see that even after more than six years, it seems like nothing much has changed! Thanks for inviting me, Miss Marcie!

With Miss Marcie and Miss Elaine who's also from Summit Media's Marketing and In-Mag Promos Department that time I did my OJT there
I do love spraying on perfume but during hot and humid weathers like this, splash colognes are the way to go - and that is why I am so happy with this box given as a token for attending the event.

It contains samples of the new Pure 'N Fresh Colognes! I will share these with my sister but she cannot take Tangerine Delight as that bottle is mine (◕‿◕✿)


  1. I love the dresses you've been wearing lately -- very appropriate for the summer.

  2. ohh i love the box set they gave away! nice packaging <3


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