Glamourbox April: Green Beauty

05 May 2013

On the last day of my birthmonth, I received a wonderful surprise when the Glamourbox team sent me their April box together with a sweet note! Thank you so much!

For April, they joined with the Earth Day celebration by showcasing eco-friendly products in the box. I am particularly glad about this because I like using natural products and lessen the gunk I put on my face and body as much as possible.

I love that fairy silhouette ♥
Here are the products included in the Green Beauty Box:

HOLLYWOOD STYLE Light Summer Lotion
Replenish skin with an instant burst of hydration! This 100% oil-free lotion is made with cucumber, aloe vera, vitamin E and natural sunscreen ingredients for a cool and fresh daily summertime protection.
Full size 275 ml/ P195

It is currently too hot out for body oil and I am allergic to most sunblocks so this product is godsend! I love that it smells fresh and feels light and non-greasy. I use it every day and will get myself a new bottle or two when I finish this one.

MIR & RYVI Soap Flakes
Soap flakes are perfect for jetsetters and adventurers! Travel to places and bring this organic soap anywhere.
Full size 250 ml/ P450

When I first got the box I was surprised that the lid cannot be closed completely and when I opened it, oooh this big tub is the culprit! Hee I haven't opened it yet because I am planning on bringing it to an out-of-town trip with my friends before the end of May!

MIR & RYVI Tomato Soap
Made from organic tomato extracts, this soap combats excess oil produced by the skin. It also gives you a pinkish glow after long-term use due to lycopene.
Full size 140 g/ P250

I have used an organic tomato soap before and I also know the wonders tomatoes do to the skin so I was also happy to see this in my box. I will start using this once I finish my current facial wash.

MOX BOTANICALS Lip Butter in Coconut Almondine
Made with 100% natural ingredients, Mox Botanicals lip butters incorporate the benefits of shea and avocado butter with Jojoba and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to create a truly luxurious lip experience.
Full size 0.2 oz/ P740

Well, you know me and my unconditional love for lip products ♥ For a small jar though, this is a little expensive and that's why I'm glad I got it for free. I haven't used it yet but I will share a quick review when I do!

PIXI Tinted Brilliance Balm Magic Tink Tint - Happy Thoughts Pink
Think happy thoughts as this subtly blooming, super-nourishing gel crayon tints your lips in true Tinker Bell style. With shea butter and lip-plumping hyaluronic acid, it will keep your lips in optimum condition.
Full size .10 oz/ P735

Lip product? Light pink? TINKERBELL??? This is easily my favorite in the bunch! I opened this straightaway after I got my box ha ha. I love its subtle minty feel and the light pink tint it gives my lips! I like putting it on in mornings when I feel like it's still too early for my "intense" lipsticks. I hope it's not a limited edition release because I would be happy to get a new one when I finish it up. This would also make an excellent gift to your girl friends *hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge*

REGATTA Leisure for Women
Get a whiff of that dreamy place under the sizzling sun and cool blue water! Leisure for Women has a light and fresh fragrance of rose, musk, peony, and patchouli perfect for everyday summer wear.
REGATTA Leisure for Men
Leisure for Men has varying top, middle, and bottom notes of lemon, ginger, apple, sandalwood, amber, and musk for the man of the outdoors and great adventures.
Full size 50 ml/ P395 each

I haven't opened these samples yet but I say aye! to anything that reminds me of summer! I mean, it's terribly hot and humid lately but I prefer the summer sunshine over depressing rains any day.

Did you get an April Glamourbox, too? What is your favorite? Do you have guesses as to what theme this month's box will have? Seeing how the contents of April's did not disappoint me at all I think I'd wait for subscriptions for the May box to open and get myself one!

By the way, for those who are looking for extra activities to do this summer, Glamourbox will be holding a makeup workshop you might want to check out:

Visit Glamourbox's official website for details! You may also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. ♥


  1. all those products looks so good and pretty and useful! And all packaged in a pretty package~!! love them! the pixi tinkerbell lip tint is really so you! Doesn't it? Hahaha <3

  2. So pretty! And so yummy, too! ♥

  3. Coolio, what's your favorite in the box? :)


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