Comics and curses

03 May 2013

Ah, weekend. We meet again.

I'm so excited because tomorrow I'll go to Maquillage Professionnel for another makeup class! Last week we did evening makeup, and then tomorrow we will learn how to do smokey eyes. I can't wait to seduce you guys with my smoldering stare LOL.

After class, I will then head to Fully Booked in Fort for Free Comic Book Day! This is my first time to attend so I don't know what to expect exactly; all I know is that there'll be a lot of falling in line involved. As excited as I am for free comic books though, I am much giddier at the prospect of finally meeting Manix Abrera, the creator of the Kikomachine Komix I am so addicted to and look forward to getting once a new one is out hee. His works were introduced to me by my good friend Niel. Back then he has already released four books so I bought all of them at the same time following her recommendation. First few pages and I was hooked! The 9th book was released just a couple of weeks ago and I made sure I got a copy on the first day it was available. :)

I have a dilemma though: I'm not sure whether it's okay to ask Manix to sign all my 10 books. If he doesn't mind it, I'm sure other people will since I know there'll be a looong line for his autograph. I asked my friend/ officemate Anne about this and she just went on and talked about how cute my problems are ha ha. I thought I'd just bring everything and then decide there tomorrow. When I got home, I looked for all my Kikomachine Komix and I found everything... except for one.

I can't find my Blg.5 anywhere!
I remember keeping it somewhere safe because it was a gift from someone and I didn't want to lose it. Well, I guess I must have kept it really good because I can't find it! Either that, or the comic book is clearly cursed. I've already asked for my mother's and sister's help to no avail, so screw it, I'm just going to buy a new one tomorrow and have that one signed by Manix so that I won't feel so bad about my cursed lost copy.

So there, I think I need to sleep now so that I would look well-rested tomorrow. It would be nice also to reserve my energy since there'll be a lot of waiting heh. Goodnight, everyone! I wish you all a great, lazy, and unproductive weekend! (⌒▽⌒)☆


  1. See how other people in line are handling the autograph requests and then ask for the max! That is going to be sooo much fun. Have a great weekend, Krissy!

  2. He signed all my books and I had a GREAT time! Thanks, Rick! :D

  3. He sounds like a good man--and smart, it's wise to treat fans well.


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