Remember You, Remember You Not.

10 August 2011

If you follow me on Twitter you might have read the series of tweets I made yesterday from the Watsons Beauty Lab event I attended held at M Cafe in Greenbelt. Aside from learning the newest trends in the beauty market, I also got to take home LOTS of goodies! My body is still sore from carrying everything home from Makati to Quezon City but I am not complaining! ♥ I sampled some of the bath and beauty products the moment I got home and I can't wait to write reviews for them! I wanted to consolidate everything that happened in the event yesterday in one blog-post but my netbook Lady Fabrize is still sick *insert sadface* so I would have to wait 'til the weekend comes for me to be able to use my computer at my parents' house to edit the photos.

Anyway, one of the highlights of yesterday was meeting Manila's top beauty bloggers! I was too shy to approach them at first, but got the chance when Vern and I were already in line for the buffet. They're all so nice, and so pretty in person! I was SO flattered when Shen of Shen's Addiction told me SHE READS MY BLOG!!! She even mentioned about how my posts were about my heartbreak before, and now she can see that I have moved on ♥ That was such an OHMYGOSHHH moment for me that I immediately texted a very close friend about it (who also agreed) heehee.

And then the OHMYGOSHHH I'M SO FLATTERED feeling turned into OHMYGOSHHH THAT'S SO MORTIFYING moment for me, as I remembered how my previous posts (especially from April 2010) reeked of emo-ness x___x I even thought of deleting those posts but decided not to, because embarrassing as they are, I poured my heart and soul (and sometimes even tears heh) writing them. I'm just thankful I still gained friends and followers even though all I kept on talking about was my failed love haha.

It got me thinking... If I can think about it this way now, have I completely moved on? I admit I am in a much, much, MUCH better place now and it's good that I don't see him around the office as much, but there are still days (especially when I am PMS-ing) that I still get sad. And then I get irritated. And then I get okay all over again.

Each day I remember less and less. But I still remember most of the things we used to laugh about. I still remember going to Burger King or KFC at midnight. I still remember the spontaneous dates. I still remember the movies we watched over and over again. I still remember the silliest fights. I still remember how sweet he was, especially when I see something that came from him.

But then again I also remember how we're really not suited for each other. I also remember how he would do some things just to annoy me. I also remember the bad things he did, all the times I waited, and the promises he made but never pulled through. I also remember how I'm better off alone than unhappy with him.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to looking back and still remembering these things, but from a vantage, unaffected point.

I still believe in love, and I will be forever an optimist. I know something great is waiting just around the corner, and I won't get there if I stay hanging on for a guy who keeps on making promises yet keeps on breaking them.

Photo by Tracey Heppner from the shoot we did last May
Where are you Mr. Not Perfect but Perfect for Me? I hope I get to meet you really, really soon.

It has been a while since I wrote a post like this. Thank you Shen for this realization ♥

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