My sister Kyla is going home!

27 October 2009

First of all I would like to thank every lovely person who read my previous post and prayed for my sister Kyla. I felt so touched when I saw your responses. You are all angels! I feel so blessed, and I am grateful :)

I went to the hospital earlier today to visit my sister and she is feeling much better now! She is still on dextrose and hasn't gotten her old appetite back but I'm happy to say that the color has gone back to her cheeks and she is no longer crying because of nasty stomachaches. The doctor said she can already go home tomorrow! Yay! I promised her that I will give her an Invisibility Ring on Pet Society and that I will take her shopping once she's already feeling well and I intend to fulfill my promise :)

It was a case of a viral infection gone wrong. Her blood vessels in her legs were infected, as well as her stomach so she got rashes and those vomiting spells. Now her condition is already stable and is on her way to a speedy recovery. What a relief!

Now it's back to regular programming LOL. Next post would be my October hauls. Ü

Again, thanks to my blogger friends. You are awesome! If you are reading this I am sending digital hugs and blowing pink, glittering kisses your way. ♥♥

PS: Let us all pray as well for Thiamere's brother. He is still in ICU because of dengue fever. I hope he will be okay soon!


  1. how nice!
    it's great that your sister is already ok.unfortunately, my brother is still in the icu

    i also promised myself that when my brother is home i'll spoil him to death.

  2. With the right medications and treatment of doctors, assisted with our prayers, I am sure your brother will be alright. I am praying for you and your family Thiamere. *hugs*

  3. Oh hey, I missed this. But I'm glad your sister is feeling better. Stay strong.:)

  4. That is definitely great news! I'm really happy for you!

  5. good to hear she is doing fine, have a wonderful and safe halloween. and i also hope no more of our kababayans and your family will get sick and even you.

    take care always.

  6. Thank you Nina and Annie Marie! You two are so sweet! *hugs*


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