Help me decide! What to get, a netbook or a laptop?

18 October 2009

Because of the damage brought by Typhoon Ondoy, the government asked (or mandated, I'm not sure) companies here in the Philippines to give out the 13th month pay to their employees earlier. We at HSBC normally receive our 13th month pay on the 7th of December but because of the circumstances, it will credit our accounts on October 23 (that's on Friday!). At first I was totally opposed to the idea since my 13th month pay is primarily allotted for Christmas shopping. And since we are getting it way early I am scared I will spend everything! If I am being completely honest with myself, the money will just go down the drain (or in cashiers' tills) if I don't have a clear-cut goal. When I thought about it though, maybe getting our 13th month pay early is better. I have completely warmed up to the idea. I will use the money to buy myself a big-ticket item, and then save up from my November and December's salary to spend on gifts! I am a genius :D

Now what to get? You see, every year I have always had a "project", very much like a Christmas present for myself (apart from all the other "just because" presents muahaha). Last year I got myself a new phone. Now, what to get for myself this year? That's easy! I have to get myself a secondary computer that I can use when I am in our rented pad in Quezon City! (At the moment I can only blog when I'm here in my parents' house, during my rest days.)

So it has been decided, Krissy is getting herself a new baby! Here is where the problem comes in. What to get, a netbook or a laptop? I have already read a gazillion reviews, asked my techie friends, and checked the prices at the malls but I am still neither here nor there. One day I am all for getting a netbook, and then someone says something and I switch to wanting to get a laptop. It's exhausting! This is a big ticket item (that will cost me a month's salary) so I want to make sure I will make the right choice (and not regret it and want to throw the gadget against the wall).

I actually will just use it as a secondary computer, mainly to blog when I am at the pad and also to email, update Facebook, and open Tumblr. And yeah, maybe edit some photos on the side for my blog using "light" photo editors as well. And no, I won't use it to play Sims 3 or edit videos! So I am leaning towards getting a netbook instead. The reviews I read online all say good things about netbooks, and you know I am not the most difficult person to convince. But majority of my friends and officemates say I should get a laptop instead (maybe it would be easier for me to decide if they will be the ones to pay for the laptop, yes?) Last night I couldn't sleep, so I listed down a few Pros and Cons that I can think of. Feel free to add to the list and help me decide which to get!

- more portable. I can easily slip it in my bag and lug it around since it is lighter as well.
- less theft-prone. Since it is smaller than a laptop, it is less attention-grabbing while I am walking around the busy streets of Manila (since it can easily fit in my bags and I would not necessarily carry it in a separate laptop bag).
- cuter. My friend Sasha berated me for this haha! She said I need to look at gadgets not on their external appearances but on their internal features. Well, can you blame me for loving all things cute and pretty and girly? :D
- less expensive. Netbooks generally cost at least 5,000php lower than laptops.

- less efficient. And so they say. I haven't come across reviews lambasting the power of netbooks though. Or maybe the reviewers acknowledge this is a netbook so therefore it has less capabilities than say, a Toshiba laptop.
- does not have an optical drive. But really, my computer here at home has that so I don't think it will be a problem.

And how can you not get excited about netbooks when they look like this:

Pink HP mini

Lenovo S10-2 in pink

LE Lenovo S10-2 in Pop Art
(look at how the design extends to the keyboard! Cuteness overload!)

Wow. My adherence to the pink phone conspiracy has passed on to these gadgets! :D

I used to want an HP mini, but after checking the reviews (and the fact it doesn't have Bluetooth and I would have to pop in my Bluetooth port every time I transfer files from my phone) I have leaned towards the Lenovo more.

Argh! What to get?? Friday is fast approaching and I need to make up my mind soon! Dane will come with me when I buy my new baby on Saturday and I would like to have made up my mind already by then.

Umm I have a confession to make... Actually, I think I am more excited at the prospect of getting really pretty accessories like laptop bags and sleeves (and skins if I don't get the Lenovo Pop Art one!) :D

I need your help! Do you have a netbook and/ or a laptop? Can you post your opinions and recommendations on which I should get? It will be much appreciated! ♥♥


  1. I vote for netbook.^_^

    If you'll be using it mainly for internet-surfing and blogging, I think it would be better since it's more portable! You can bring it around when you travel. I have both a laptop and a cheap netbook and the latter has saved me from hours of boredom at the airport.

    You have a laptop as primary computer anyway.:) Just my vote, haha.:)

  2. if you want my opinion...
    I vote netbook too!

  3. Net book, hands down. More practical, slimmer, prettier. :)

  4. netbook! laptops are so damn heavy! seriously, I drag my macbook to Boyfriend every other weekend, and it's super heavy... just that I can't live without it, so I HAVE to bring it with me... a netbook is so much better!


  5. well i have a laptop which i also check on my accounts, and email, but if you only want a small and convenient way to talk on the cyber world. then i suggest the netbook, as you said it can easily fit in your bags so i suggest that,

    and since you wont be playing any video games, i think the small one will fit you better, the laptop is good too, it has good capabilities but it is heavier, and will have to put in a separate bag. so i really suggest the netbook.

    hopefully you will be happy with your baby what are you going to name him or her? haha

  6. i would personally go for netbooks too

    i have a desktop at home if i would need to do some heavy computer works, but netbooks are perfect for just bringing it along with you. As what you say, it's less theft-prone..
    that's one of the best thing about netbooks!

    im also eye-ing that lenovo pop art
    its hard to resist that cute looking stuff!

  7. i guess everybody's going for a netbook right now :)

    i was supposed to buy one, but i decided to get a laptop instead. my reasons? bigger memory and dvd rom. yep, that's it. hahaha

    aside from the usual - internet, email, and stuff - i use my laptop as my portable dvd player :)

    but if you want something that's easy to bring around, i'd say go for the netbook :)

  8. Thank you for your comments! I've decided, netbook it is! :D This poses another dilemma though; which netbook to get? Right now I'm lemming on the LE Lenovo S10-2 Pop Art, just because of its cute design LOL! You're right Thiamere, it is hard to resist! :D

  9. hi krissy,

    i follow your blog so I can't help but respond to this.

    i own a laptop and it does have it's qualities.

    but since you do commute a lot around manila and you do have your own PC at home, just get the mini laptop...

    it will save your back from aches and yes, it's uber cute!

  10. I'd go for a netbook. Not because I am a proud owner of one but because for the needs you stated, a netbook is simply what you need. Hehe. Asus Eee netbooks have Bluetooth. :)

  11. netbook! I vote for HP because it's durable. a little more expensive but definitely worth it! I think they also have it in colorful designs, aside from the vivienne tam minis they released months back.

    Goodluck gadget hunting! I'm excited for you! gadget shopping is so much fun! :)

  12. Thank you MalDeeTuh, Meream and peppermintkiss! I'm more than convinced to get a netbook now! Weeeeh I'll buy it this Saturday, and I'm super excited! :D

  13. krissy you might like aspire one's netbooks. no pink nga lang. they come in red, blue or white lang.


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