Selling my Michael Antonio Lucite pumps

21 October 2009

Let me show you photos of a pair of shoes that I fell in love with the first time I saw it...

gorgeousness straight out of the box

made of transparent and white faux patent materials

transparent heels

This pair has been in my shoe closet for a year now but I haven't gotten around to using them. Want proof?

clean soles; the sticker hasn't even been removed yet

You must be wondering, if I really love them, how come I'm not using them? The reason, my ladies, is they're *sob* too small for me. I saw them in over a year ago and fell in love. The one disadvantage of buying stuff online though is you are never sure of the size, even if they have measurement charts. I am a size 7 but this pair is more suited for ladies with size 6 feet.

This pair was never used, only tried a couple of times, with my pink, glittering heart breaking each time. As much as I hate to let them go, these babies need to find a new owner now.

Anyone of you lucky enough to have size 6 feet and want to adopt them? I listed them on ebay, where I have scored lots of pretty stuff and whatnots as well.

Listing is open for Philippine residents only, I'm afraid. I accept Gcash and BPI bank deposit as modes of payment. Meetups can be scheduled as well. Please click here for the listing and more information.

box will be included

I'm sorry that I have to let this go, but I find comfort in knowing these babies can be happier with a new owner who can strut and parade them around for the world to see.


  1. hi krissy! thanks for your comment. that's a gorgeous pair of shoes. good luck finding a new owner for them.

  2. its hard krissy i once bought not shoes but a top and they were too small for me, but i bought it at a store, so sometimes even with online shops, clothes also fool us, you would think you'd fit in it but then you dont.

    so im not selling the shirt im just keeping it until the time when ill give it away, its sad but it happens, like you said someone else will be happy with them.

    good luck on your sell.

  3. They sure are pretty. It's pretty upsetting to realize we bought something gorgeous but turn out we couldn't wear them. Hope these babies find a new owner real soon, you can use the cash to buy new pretty pair too :)

  4. Thank you Jackie, Annie Marie and Andhari! It saddens me to have to sell these but I would really appreciate the added shoe closet space (and the moolah of course). I'm thinking I can spend the money on netbook accessories :D

  5. Thanks dear, for entering the giveaway! The next draw is this sunday! good luck!


  6. I'm so with you on the disadvantages of buying shoes online. That's why even if I have so many shoe lusts on various online stores, I still don't buy. I'm content with just staring at them and shop for shoes in person.
    Can't you have it replaced with a bigger size?

  7. Ooops, before I forget! I have to thank you for introducing to me the Lucky me mac and cheese. I found out about it on your blog, and now I'm addicted to it. I absolutely think it's one of the coolest, most delish inventions ever! Haha

  8. Hi Krissy! It's been so long since I went blog-hopping. How I'd love to adopt these babies, but I'm still curing myself of my shoe addiction. Good luck!

  9. Those really are one-of-a-kind shoes. Too bad I'm a size 7 also.
    Yeah, I bought shoes off the internet once too, and I keep getting blisters at my heel.
    Nowadays I only buy shoes in a reputable store!!!

  10. @ Jessica: I cannot have it replaced anymore because I bought it online via a pre-order site and it has been with me for over a year now.. Anyway, I'm glad you loved Lucky Me!'s Mac & Cheez, I have to agree, it is super delicious! :D

    @ Miss Guimba: I missed you! I'm glad you're fine :)

    @ Duni: I've learned my lesson, but sometimes I stumble on really pretty shoes you can't find anywhere else and I just couldn't resist! I've had better luck with the other shoes I got online, though :)


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