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Going cheap-chic

My spending streak continues. My wallet has been drained yet again but that's okay. This shopping trip did not make me feel guilty at all (okay, maybe just a little) because I got everything in el cheapo prices!

My friend/ flatmate Asther asked me, Sasha and Chao to go bargain shopping with her in 168 Mall* last Sunday. I know I've already made a big dent in my savings from all my shopping this month but this being a shopping trip with my girl friends, I cannot refuse. And I am not one to stick my nose up on non-designer label items; everything's fine with me so long as it looks good on me and I can carry it well.

I know myself and my tendency to buy on impulse so I made a vow not to spend anything. Or buy that much. Umm, I think I bought that much but I can be forgiven because as I said, everything's el cheapo!

Here are what I got:

Sexy jeans that fit me perfectly (200php) and
white fitted V-neck top with sleeve detail (100php)

lavender check-print skirt with black and white lace ribbon (150php)
I don't know why it shimmers like it's made of plastic material in the photo x_x

drawstring mini tote bag I can use for my kikay stuff (50php) and
hippie bands (75php each)

white sandals (350php)
I got these from the store named Hanisha Collections that sell pretty shoes and sandals
I had a hard time choosing which to buy :D

how it looks like when worn :)

And my favorite:

white eyelet tube dress (200php)

I love it! I can't wait to wear it with a my white sandals and gold chainlink hippie band :)

Here is how the silver hippie band looks like when worn:

me likey the photo :)

I wore it at the office and on the reunion of my father's side of the family for my grandma's death anniversary yesterday. I mostly got compliments from my officemates (Ruther said I looked like a fairy and called me Soraya the whole day HAHA!) while people I pass by on the street did a double-take. They were prolly wondering what's on my head :D As I say, I do not want to get lost in a sea of shirts and jeans.

I also got a pack of undies. Can you believe that all these set me back for only 1480php? I dare you to take that 1480php to the mall and see whether you can get this much. :) And these items are not so-so at all. I wouldn't have bought them if they weren't pretty and caught my fancy :)

Now Asther is making fun of me because I bought more stuff than she did when I vowed not to buy anything in the first place and told her that I will just accompany her since I know the place a little more than she does. Well, what can I do? :D

*bargain mecca in Manila. Here you can find stalls and stalls of clothes, shoes and other what-nots mostly imported from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Korea and China. Local dress manufacturers like Juana (which I love) also have stalls here.


twinsouls888 said…
Wow I really love your hauls, very pretty yet very affordable. I love the sandals as well as the tube dress ^_^. Is it available in any other colors? hehe ^_^
oOchaOo said…
wow! nice haul sis! :)
i wanna go to 168 too heehee.
i love love the skirt and the shoes <3
// krissy ♥ said…
@ twinsouls888: Thank you! I pride myself on scoring pretty stuff that are not too expensive :) Oh yes, the sandals also come in black, silver and bronze while the eyelet tube dress is also available in black, red, green, yellow, blue and pink! I would have gotten more if only I wasn't working on a tight budget :D

@ cha: You should go there soon! There are LOTS of pretty stuff :D
amynaree said…
the lavender ribbon skirt is absolutely adorable!
manik_reigun said…
great buys!
wah, cant wait to invade divi again!
Miss Guimba said…
Me love the sandals and tube dress! Post a pic of when you wear them, okay?
// krissy ♥ said…
@ amynaree: It is! Thank you! :)

@ manik_reigun: Thank you! Dami nang tao, especially now that Christmas is coming :D

@ Miss Guimba: Definitely! I am planning to wear it to the office this Monday :D
Andhari said…
That's what I call really smart shopping. You got A LOT :) I love that skirt you chose too!
// krissy ♥ said…
Yes, bargain shopping (especially when style is not compromised) = MAJOR LOVE :D