Book-lovers never go to bed alone

09 September 2009

If there's one thing I eagerly await for once the second half of the year kicks in, it would definitely be National Bookstore's annual sale! Imagine scoring books with prices as much as 70% off! If that's not enough, all imported books are at 20% off, and all books from Filipino authors are at 5% off! Forgive the exclamation points, it's just that aside from shoes, nothing excites me more than a good book :)
I am a total bookworm. My love for reading started at a very early age. I remember forcing myself to learn how to read just so I can read those fairy tales my mom used to tell me about. By age 5, I can already read on my own, and thus started my love affair with books. My father used to joke that when I was young, if made to choose between a book or food, I always chose the book! You should see my bookshelves here in my parents' house and in the pad I am renting with my friend/ officemate Ar. I would gladly take photos of them but they are not yet that organized. One of these days maybe.
This month-long sale has been a tradition for me, really. For this year I scrimped a bit though because I have already spent more than necessary for the past two weeks. Boo impulsive buys but yay for items-that-are-too-cute-to-not-buy. Will blog about them next :)
Last Saturday, I got these from NBS - SM North EDSA:
Cosmopolitan Philippines September 2009 ish, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City
Cosmopolitan magazines are one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, I think some of the articles were just rehashed versions from previously-released issues and they kinda get redundant already but I will keep on buying them. I don't know, methinks my month will not be complete without getting myself my monthly Cosmo fix. I got my Little Women for only Php79.20 (down from Php99.00) and my Sex and the City for only Php239.00 (down from Php299.00).
And on Monday, I got these from NBS - Malabon Citisquare:
Grammar for Smart People, Edith Hamilton's Mythology, a collection of Grimms' Fairy Tales, and Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys
I already had my own copy of Mythology before but a good friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-ex never returned it. Mythology (especially that of the Greeks) is one of the things that fascinates me and even though I already have a number of books on this topic I couldn't resist having my own copy of Hamilton's again. I got this for Php156 (down from Php195). Fairy tales are another thing that amazes me, and now that I'm - ehem ehem - a little bit older I figured it would be nice to read the real stories and not rely so much on the Disneyfied versions, yes? Snow White as told by the Grimms still gives me the creeps x_x I got it for Php79.20 (down from Php99). Now, the best buy of them all is Anansi Boys. I got it for only Php169.50 (down from Php339) That's 50% off! I almost didn't see it because it was lying at the bottom of a stack of books. Good thing I have an excellent eye for good buys :)
Not included in the photos is my Julie and Julia (My Year of Cooking Dangerously) by Julie Powell. I got it for only Php75 (down from Php579!), It is the book where the new movie of Meryl Streep and Amy Adams is based from.
I should really impose a rule on myself. I haven't finished the elbow-deep books I have at the apartment yet here I am buying new ones again. But who could resist good books, right? Certainly not me! I'm sorry, but I still can't stop thinking of those books by Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho that I have yet to own.
Now here I am in my parents' home, stuck inside with the heavy rain pouring outside, ready to curl  in with one of my new books. Indeed, book-lovers never go to bed alone :)


  1. whoa! im not a bookworm, but i love booksales! you got some great buys, *inggit* xD

  2. Ooh, love, love, love Neil Gaiman, too. I couldn't believe you got Anansi Boys at half the price off! If only NBS is not like one hour away from our place...

  3. @ manik_reigun: thanks! i just loooove books! especially when they're hard to find and/ or on sale :D

    @ Miss Guimba: he's just AWESOME. i really really wish i can get enough money to buy his other books x_x
    and yes, i've discovered Cutest Blog on the Block, it's so easy to put a background pala :D

  4. Awesome purchases, i barely sleep right but when I do i always have them with me. Books, laptop :D

  5. I love books, too. I don't regret buying tons of them even if I still have a LOT of pending to be read.

    Until when is the Nat'l Bookstore sale??? Hope it extends 'til next week.

  6. @ Andhari: those are two of my fave things, too :D

    amor: you don't have to worry, the sale is until the end of the month! :)

  7. oooh wee! I almost forgot about that! And to think I was just at National a day ago! doh. stupid! thanks for this post! I should definitely get some books. 20% off is still big deal! :)

  8. it is! especially for those expensive books :D last year i got my Complete Encyclopedia of Fantasy for only Php800+ from its original price of Php1599 :)

  9. You're a bookworm, just like me :)
    I loooove books, but they are pretty expensive here, even when on sale.
    Mostly I purchase them off Amazon!

  10. Loved this post as much as I love books. I bought the Time Traveller's Wife and I am reading it at the moment. Ahhh, bliss - just hope I don't cry too much! Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Wow, you got some great finds! Yay for the 50% off Neil Gaiman book! :)

    Btw, I have an on-going contest for Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran. Maybe you'd like to join. Here's the link:

  12. @ Duni: Oh there are books that I would love to get on Amazon, especially those that are not available here! I am willing to spend good money on good books, however seeing as I don't have a credit card (having one will be a BIG problem as I'm a very impulsive shopper LOL), it's just not possible at the moment. Drats.

    @ Danielle: I'm glad that you are reading The Time Traveler's Wife! I am touched that you actually read what I recommended :) Enjoy! And do post a review of the book :)

    @ Austenfan: I am so happy I found that book, to think that it is at the bottom of one big pile! Hmm, maybe someone hid it there so he/ she can come back for it? Oh well, finders keepers! :D And oh yeah, I am so joining your contest :)

  13. The NBS sale is the best part about September. :D

  14. ooohhh.. i love mythology too sis..

    awesome finds u have here..

    will check out NBS soon.. hope they'll still be on sale..

    followed u back sweetie.. :)

  15. @ Meream: It is! Sigh my wallet was drained (because of a lot of other stuff I also got for myself). I should stop spoiling myself x_x

    @ Kay: Mythology is very interesting and so rich. Thank you for following me as well. NBS's sale will end the end of the month so go grab them books! :)

  16. WOW...That's a lot of books! I want Julie and Julia!


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