September drained my wallet, but I love it!

15 September 2009

It's only the first half of the month but I have already spent way more than necessary. With shopping trips here and there, I guess it's safe to say I have already maxed out my shopping budget for the month.
First in the list is this pretty je t'aime cherry-print scarf that I got from eBay for an unbelievably low price! The starting bid was for a giveaway price of Php20.00. Now I love them cherry-prints so I entered Php200.00 as my maximum bid. Heavens of heavens, only three other people bid for it so I won it for only Php46.00! Can you believe that? The shipping fee of Php70.00 was even higher than the price of the item :)
je t'aime cherry-print scarf with freebie and handwritten note

And Anne is so sweet to even give a pair of red magnetic earrings as freebie, plus a handwritten note :) She is the first eBay seller I bought from who did this (other eBay sellers I transacted with  sent very impersonal replies to my questions and were very demanding when it comes to payments). Mostly I like buying from Multiply sellers more because they are more accomodating and leaves their own personal touch to the items they sell.
Another purchase from eBay is this BNWT aqua Forever21 sweetheart tube dress. I won't say anymore who I got this from. Let's just that she was not so nice. She "demanded" I give her a feedback already when I haven't received the item yet. 
 aqua F21 sweetheart tube dress
Good thing I liked the dress or I wouldn't have left her any feedback at all (which is better than giving her a negative one). I finally gave her a positive feedback and guess what, until now she hasn't left a feedback for me yet. Phew. Suffice it to say that I am not buying anything from her again.
On the 5th, I went to SM North EDSA with my friend/ officemate Sasha and got these:
pretty shopping bags with pretty little things inside
The big EGG paperbag contains a bag I bought as a gift for my Tita who celebrated her 50th birthday the following day while the black paperbag is from Pierre Cardin by Cinderella. What does it contain? It contains a very pretty dress I won't show yet because I am planning to wear it to our Holiday Party! On 2007 I wore this, and this on 2008. So when will 2009's party be? I have no idea. You know it's bad when you buy an outfit for a party that does not have a set date yet LOL.I never would have gotten that dress if not for Sasha's and the other girls waiting by the dressing room's insistence. And yeah, I think I would look fierce in that dress :D
The NBS bag contained the books I posted here while the smaller EGG bag contained these:
Stuff from EGG
I got a transparent makeup kit (Php200), a cellphone pouch (Php180), and a white strappy wristwatch (Php695). The makeup bag is very justifiable since I have been using the same makeup kit since college :D while the cellphone pouch is an awesome buy because it can house my two mobile phones perfectly! There is no justifiable reason for the watch though except that it's pretty on my dainty wrist as pictured here:
It did not stop there. Last week I decided to take more care of my skin and went organic :) I spent my rest days trying to find out more about Cyleina and looked for feedbacks online. I browsed through several blogs (that's how I discovered some of the blogs I am following now. Hello Miss Guimba! Ü) and not once did I see a negative review. I looked for a reseller, found Hazel, and met up with her at McDonald's in Quezon Avenue last Friday.
Cyleina organic soaps
Oops I think I went a little overboard. All the descriptions are very promising and I cannot decide which to buy so I bought a lot to see what I will like the most. I got Tomato, Triple Citrus, Black Pearl, Kojic, Apple Cinnamon, Lavender, Green Tea, Batangas Coffee, Chocolate-Milk and Honey-Oatmeal. Hazel gave me a sample of Strawberry :) They all smell so yummy that it was hard to choose which to try first! I settled on Black Pearl though as it got the best raves and Lavender for my de-stress shower before sleeping :) Click here to know more about Cyleina :)
Last Saturday I went with Sasha and Ar (my friend/ flatmate) to TriNoma and SM North EDSA to destress and watch Kimmydora. Unfortunately the cinemas were full! So Sasha just decided to buy what she came there for. I promised myself no more purchases, but promises (especially to self) are easily broken. I got a lipstick from in2it and a cropped jacket from Cinderella.
sooo pretty!
To my credit, the jacket is down to Php375 from its original price of Php750 (less 50%!) and it is too pretty to leave there. It would look perfect with my white cigarette pants :)
trying on the jacket
And the lipstick is justifiable since I have been looking for a pretty light pink lipstick for a while now. I am "between lipsticks" you see, and have just been using my trusted Nivea Lipcare :D
in2it Moisture Release Lipstick in Flamingo
roadtesting it

That photo is unedited (except for the watermark) and I don't have any makeup on in there except for the lipstick :)
So there's my haul for this month. I wish I can say that's it but I will attend the Candy Fair on the 26th, and there will be booths of pretty stuff there! I put two dresses from Ana's online store on hold and I will get them there :)
A quick oufit post before I end this:
white GAP button-down shirtdress, black YRYS waist belt, black PrimaDonna peeptoe oxford booties, and my white EGG wristwatch :)
I really should learn how to not spoil myself so much. But then again, I guess not ;)


  1. wow the wristwatch' sooo pretty ^_^ Very nice hauls :)

    Grabe iba ka--still the reigning shopaholic sis!
    You talk fashion with so much passion! =D

  3. OH! :D
    And yun lipstick color is super cute...i want din..peach naman siguro hihi
    and ,..and the cyleina soaps sis! kaadik yan super, ang weird na nakastock talaga siya satin hehehe..its so hard to choose nga what to use muna!;D haha!

  4. Shop, girlie. Shop. Whenever you feel in doubt, shop. LOL. That's like my mantar, now always good at times but I need to shake it off soon.

    Love that tube dress!:)

  5. Hey!! You are back! A few months ago I started with google reader, and when I was adding your blog you hadn't blogged in months so I thought you were done.... Then I saw you commented on Chinky Mel's ice cream post! Lol!! I'm adding you to my reader now!

  6. @ twinsouls888: Thank you! That wristwatch has become quite a staple for me :)

    @ Anna (thefashionistacommuter): Aww thank you so much! I'm so touched by what you said :)
    I'm no makeup maven, pero siguro it'll be fun to have a makeover no, let's try that sometime! :) And yeah, I'm loving my cyleina soaps :)

    @ Andhari: Shopping for teh win :D
    Thanks! I'm actually planning to wear that dress to this Candy Fair I will attend :)

    @ Carina Blogarina: Yes I'm back yay! And hopefully for good :) I was on blog hiatus from Blogspot for about 3 months because I blogged more on my Multiply journal. But I still checked this account regularly :) Thank you for adding me again, I'm a follower of your blog :)

  7. Wow, thanks for the special mention! I'm so glad you're loving the soaps. I'm on Green Tea mode right now because I have the flu. It's great for destressing, too. I love the cropped jacket! Definitely a steal!

  8. No biggie :)
    I haven't tried green tea yet, I'll make sure to use it asap. And yeah, that jacket was love at first sight (or in this case, fit) :D

  9. waaaww.. i love the colot of that lipstick.. and the tube dress.. and you look pretty too. :)

  10. Lol! What a stash! But nice buys girl! :) hope you have more cash left for shopping to last you to the end of the month! hihi :P

  11. @ Nitia/Monto: aww thanks! :)

    @ peppermintkiss: I hope so too! I will attend the Candy Fair next week and I'm sure there'll be a lot of pretty stuff there :D

  12. that is a lot of great goodies. i love that tube dress. it's really cute. =)

  13. thanks mel! i'm going to wear it this saturday, yay! :D


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