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02 September 2009

I started working for HSBC two weeks after graduation and planned to quit after six months to pursue what I really want to do: write. Now, two years and four months later, I am still with the same company. I haven't yet found the courage to go after what I really want and have settled in a comfort zone with the best officemates a girl fresh out of college can ever wish to have and a 5am - 2pm work schedule that gives me more than enough free time to do anything I want, like hit the malls after. Add to that the hefty paycheck and you would think I've struck gold. But I do believe that this is just a "temporary" thing for me, an in-between job, if you may. When will I start to pursue my dreams? I don't know. Next year maybe? For now I am settling. I am twenty-three years young and I have my life ahead of me. Hey, I know that life is short and we should make the most out of every moment given us (you would think I would appreciate that fact after I had this dream), but I don't think toiling for hours in an office and bringing work home is something that would make me happy, for now. I am not saying that I will never consider working as an office girl as an option (heck I am even planning to sign up for classes to improve on my Excel skills), but right now, I think I am going to stay and delay my dreams for just a little bit longer.
Shucks. Such a "deep" introduction for a post about shopping :D
I work hard, so I play hard.
Last Friday I, together with my friends/ officemates Mich and Sasha (yep, the same people I saw The Time Traveler's Wife with)  trooped to SM North EDSA and The Block to spend the month's paycheck. But no we are not just spending mindlessly. By shopping, we are making sure our economy continues to flourish. Hah! Learned that from Bench's current tagline: Save the economy, Shop. Very clever, yes? :D
I got these:
I just love shopping for toiletries! Watson's is one of my happy places. Ü
I got Cream Silk Standout Straight conditioner (which enabled me to get a scratch card which made me win a sample sachet of Cream Silk intensive repair conditioning treatment and two free sachets of Cream Silk Standout Straight), Nivea Lip Care in Strawberry Kiss, Sisters sanitary napkin (which is el cheapo but of really good quality!), Garnier facial mask, Nivea facial washEB powder blusher, and Rexona deo with sunflower oil (which I didn't really need because I use Nivea deo but got anyway just so I can have a scratch card as well and get that leopard print tweezer :D) I also got a bottle of nail polish in Turquoise from Elianto.
But that's not really the point of this post is it?
The point is this:
Pink snakeskin bondage heels from YRYS


I got it for 899php (down from the original price of 999php. Hey, a discount is a discount! :D) I was actually lemming for another pair of shoes (the white one with the studs) but it was too big for me. This too was a size 8 and a bit bigger for my size 7 feet but it's less obvious than the white one. I felt bad a pair in my size is no longer available but in my shoe-crazed moment I was willing to get what I can :D It was a choice between the white snakeskin and this one and Mich and Sasha voted for the pink pair, so here they are!

What made me even happier were the beautiful belts I got from the same store. I got two more belts, one is a black waist belt (199php), the other is a thin turquoise belt with gold touches (50php). I got the black corset belt (199php) in their TriNoMa branch after not having much luck finding it in SM North EDSA. 
Group photo!
Here is a photo of myself working it in my new shoes:
Pink jacket, black lace top, white skirt (which is also very pretty IRL), and my new pink bondage heels
Seated outside Starbucks

I am crazy for clothes, books and DVDs, but nothing pulls me more than a pretty pair of shoes. Sweet torture galore! And who am I to deprive myself?
If only all of us can lead Carrie Bradshaw's life and earn enough just by writing a regular column, having a book made out of them, and worrying about men. Ü


  1. Now, you've got yourself a pair of shoes there! They are gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow those are one pretty shoes ^_^

  3. i am in love with your shoes!!!!!!

    And yes i love shopping for watsons stuff din haha--sometimes hindi ko pa nagagamit lahat like the crayon-type eyeshadow i bought the last time--wala hindi ko rin nagamit, but hindi ko din pwedeng di bilhin! ;D haha! =D

  4. Oh god, those are awesome! I am so jealous.

  5. Cute shoes, I like it how they;re in pink :)

  6. Love the shoes and thats a cool bag (with fish)

    LT @ elle-tea.blogspot.com

  7. awww.. shopping... I love it. :) will do my routine soon. lol

    happy blogging. :)

  8. @ Nina: Thank you! Ü

    @ Danielle: They even look more gorgeous in actual (if that's even possible LOL) thanks!

    @ Twinsouls888: They are, thanks! Ü

    @ Ana: I do that also! I have a bunch of them eyeshadow pens lying around here somewhere :D

    @ Myam: Shoes are love. I love your yellow wedges too Ü

    @ Jackie: Thank you! Ü

    @ Andhari: Yep, pink's my fave color. And I think the outfit is very Elle Woods-y :D

    @ L.T.: Thank you! That's the paperbag from the shop I bought the shoes from, pretty cool huh? Ü

    @ Liza: Shopping is love. ♥♥

  9. very chic shoes! heehee.
    next time,i'll drop by y.r.y.s too for the belts heehee <3

    i also followed your blog! ^__^


  10. thanks cha! yes, yrys has a very extensive selection of belts and they are all so pretty :) thanks for following, will check out your blog, too! :)

  11. I just love shopping for toiletries! Watson's is one of my happy places. Ü - haha same here! i spend sooo much time browsing the aisles, looking for whatever i can buy :P

    hot shoes! ;)

  12. i know, right? when i go to the mall and need to wait for someone i spend my time either in watson's or national bookstore :D

    thanks mia! Ü

  13. I wanna ask you something, is the belt black corset with the ribbon behind still available in yrys now a days? can I still buy it? im here in singapore and I ask my sister and she said no more already. I doubt her bec. she always lazy for errand. lemme know. thanks.


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