A very interesting week

23 September 2009

Just a quick background before I go on: my week starts on a Thursday. You see, my rest days are Tuesday and Wednesday so my weekend starts on Monday. So that's the reason why I blog on Mondays - Wednesdays, those are the days I am in my parents' home ;) It sucks - if you are used on a regular Monday - Friday work week - but if you are like me who doesn't really go out to party on weekends (I am not big on the noise and I don't drink) this schedule is ideal. For one, I work from 5am to 2pm so I have the whole afternoon off to basically do anything I want, and most of the time that is popping to nearby malls like TriNoma, SM North EDSA or SM Fairview :) Besides, do you know anyone else who actually looks forward to Mondays? :D

I hope I did not bore you with my "brief" background. In this post I just wanted to share how my week went :)

Last month I saw a post in my Sigaw* sister's Erika's Multiply about an event her org is supporting, the Docufest '09: The Best of I-Witness held at the UP Film Institute last Thursday, September 17. Being a MassComm student and having a passion for things like these, I invited my friends/ officemates to go with me and watch. Ruther, Mich and Sasha tagged along. Asther wanted to go as well but she has a 2pm - 9pm shift while Dane and Watcher were in Bicol.

 me with Erika

It was actually my first time to meet Erika in person! Some of my Sigaw sisters I haven't met personally but I feel closer to them than some of the people I interact with on a daily basis. We've conversed for hours on end on Sigaw and talked about everything! We know each others' problems and cheered each one's triumphs. As I've said before, divided by distance but bridged by technology, we are real friends :)

The documentaries screend that day were Tasaday by Kara David (about the supposed hoax about this tribe of people that were still living like people did in the Stone Age period), Kabiyak by Kara David (about married couples where one, or both, is afflicted by a disability and how they manage to hold on), Kapatiran sa Laman by Sandra Aguinaldo (about juvenile delinquents who gang rape but don't think they are in the wrong) and Amoy ng Pinoy by Howie Severino (about the powers of our olfactory sense).

Some other pics from that day:

1st photo: Mich and Ruther
2nd photo: me with Sasha
3rd photo: me with Mich and Sasha

What did I feel while watching? Oh god I missed shooting documentaries like those! We did our own docus in college and while they were not at par with I-Witness', I can say that we also did a pretty cool job :D

Here's an outfit post:

black and gray striped long sleeves tee, black jumper dress, black PD oxford booties,
plum Tomato bag, hot pink heart necklace

Mich told me I looked like a doll, Sasha agreed, and I realized my outfit indeed looked like it was Raggedy Ann-inspired :D

You all know what happened last Sunday :D Hop to this post if you don't.

And on Monday, Dane came back from his week-long vacation in Bicol! If you are wondering, Dane is my officemate and ehem, special friend. We used to be together, then something happened, I did not talk to him for five months, then we reconciled on February. But nope, we're not back together. Wow, that's a great way of encapsulating about 5 posts-worth of stories :D

He went back to work last Tuesday (which is my off) and I will see him again tomorrow (once I go back to work) but he asked me to meet with him before I go home, so I did. He said he would give me the treats he brought back for me but I joked he could have given them this Thursday, but no, he just had to see me. He may not admit it, but I know he missed me! :D

Here's a photo of us:


And he brought me these:

Lotsa sweet treats enough to induce a toothache!
I already ate some of the tarts and macaroons :D

So there! I had an awesome week and an awesome off. I am looking forward to an awesome-r week! Hello Candy Fair! :D

*Seventeen Sigaw = an online message board very much similar to Candy's TeenTalk and Female Network's GirlTalk.I met lots of lovely ladies there and we've been friends for YEARS but sadly the site was deleted when Summit Media stopped franchising Seventeen magazine. Sad.


  1. I love your necklace that you wore with the dress, what a way to spice up the whole look :)

  2. Thank you Andhari :) I thought dressing in black and gray is a bit blah so I injected a little bit of color through the necklace :)


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