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Krissy, writer.

It has a nice ring to it. don't you think so? :p

I have long been wanting to attend writing workshops but they rarely come by. There was one back in August, a 3 days and 2 nights workshop in Tagaytay held by Ms. Tara Sering, but I was not able to attend it because of self-esteem issues. I haven't written stuff for so long (apart from my blog posts) that I really feel that I've lost my rhythm. I was afraid that if I cannot produce anything halfway decent then the workshop organizers will throw me off the cliff or something haha!

Enough about that, now here is something I am excited about! And it's not about shopping! Ö Thanks to Sis Anagon for blogging about it, I waited for announcements from Powerbooks through their Multiply site for this event. Ü

Details are copied in their entirety from Powerbooks' Calendar of Events.

- Writing the Success Story
November 15, 2008 (Saturday) 2:00 PM: Powerbooks Megamall

Struggles and triumphs of inspiring personalities are worth sharing with others. Learn the art of inspiring stories that leave a life-changing imprint.

- Spotlighting a Travel Piece
November 22, 2008 (Saturday) 2:00 PM: Powerbooks Megamall

Documenting a travel experience is not enough. It takes skill to make your readers want to visit the places or witness for real the events you recommend.

- How to Write Food Articles and Restaurant Reviews
November 29, 2008 (Saturday) 2:00 PM: Powerbooks Megamall

Evoking the sense of taste is an effective way to persuade foodies to go and try out your mouth-watering discoveries. Learn to mix the right words and serve up tempting food-related articles in this workshop.

*Workshop fee is P2,550 if you enroll in all 3 modules, or P1,000 if you enroll in one module.
** For more details, email pinoywriters@yahoo.com, visit www.pinoywritersglobalnetwork.com, or approach our Customer Service counter.

And another:

- The Five Stories You Need to Write
November 14, 21 and 28, December 5 and 12, 2008 (Friday) 6:30 PM: Powerbooks Greenbelt

Pass on the most important lessons in your life with this all-important writing workshop! One life story + one writing format each session.

* Workshop fee is P4,000.
** For more details, email pinoywriters@yahoo.com, visit www.pinoywritersglobalnetwork.com, or approach our Customer Service counter.

There is a big chance that I would be able to attend those workshops that will be held at the SM Megamall branch. But I need to apply for Vacation Leaves though, and I believe I am already out of VL credits =/ But my manager is supportive, so I really hope he can pull some strings for me.. Hehe. Meanwhile regarding those that will be held at the Greenbelt branch I have a feeling I will not be able to attend those because it's too far. Besides with my work hours of 6am - 3pm I am sure I would be really flustered by then.

I surely wish Sis Ana and I can attend these workshops. It would be a great way to enhance our skills, remember forgotten lessons, and revive my rhythm that I seem to have lost already. Besides this is an opportunity for us soul sisters to bond. Ü


Anonymous said…
sis! i really wish we could attend these workshops together!!! :) text text!!!
medyo marupok narin ako sa writing, over accessories-making na!!! ;D
krissy ♥ said…
hehe tomorrow i have work na, try ko na mag-file ng VLs Ö sana, sana, sana talaga makapunta tayo Ö

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