Of teeth and rice

17 October 2008

Yesterday Mich, Watcher and I went to Dentacare to use our company health plans and have our teeth cleaned. The dentist was nice; he does not look like a dentist at all, more like a rockstar. Ö

After that we then went to SM Fairview. It was actually only my 2nd visit to the said mall, the first was when we were still in college. The Sinister Sisters were staying over at Recks' house and we needed to go to Copytrade to have our survey photocopied. So anyway, going back to yesterday's events, it was fun! Watcher treated Mich and I to dinner, and he even gave me and my housemates money to buy a rice cooker! Yay! No more cup noodles! I'll eat rice for dinner again!

So basically this post is just to say thanks to Watcher, from the bottom of my pink, glittering heart. Hehe. Love ya friend! Ü

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