Okay, okay. I give up.

13 October 2008

I have succumbed to temptation. I cannot take this anymore. I have tried to get you off my mind but I can't. You keep on coming back, luring me, calling me. Oh how you taunt me so, sweet torture! I give up. You win. I am going to get you, Havaianas Fit! And maybe you too, Havaianas Jelly!

Now I just have to decide which color/s to get...

Argh! They're all so gorgeous! I am torn between red, pink and purple. Rarr.

And just look at these jellies:

I want purple, pink and lake green! I want I want I want!

They are now available for pre-order from various Multiply sites. Fit is being offered at a relatively low price range of 900 - 1095php while the Jelly costs 900 - 995php per pair.

So... what color/s will I get? Argh!

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