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21 October 2008

New shopping loot!

Havaianas Slim Chitao Amarelo Banana

I got this from Sis Beth. It was actually first released in blue but I did not like it that much. But when I saw this, whoah, I just HAD to have it. And now I do. Yay for me! Ü

And won't you just look at this cuff I got from Sis Clarise:

Twirl cuff from Get Holly's September 2008 collection

It goes perfectly with the Slim Chitao! Together they add extra oomph and fab factor to an otherwise too simple white top and jeans combo. Nice!

And from Tita Mac and Kaye, I got these:

Havaianas LE Saks 5th Ave - Trish McEvoy


IceBreakers lipbalms
Hershey's/ Reese and Watermelon/ Pink Lemonade

And, I totally was not expecting this, but Tita Mac also sent me these:

Lipgloss/ eyeshadow palette and Maybelline Cool Effects Eyeshadow

I ordered a handcuff necklace for my office mate from them before, and shortly after that I celebrated my birthday. Tita Mac messaged me to ask which would I like, discount or gift, and I chose gift. And then I totally forgot all about it since that was way back in April, so I was really surprised when I saw these in the package, with a card! They're so sweet! Oh wow thanks so much! Ü

Shucks, I have succumbed to my vice once more. But no one's complaining! Everybody wins ;)

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