The purple one is better than the pink one, right?

21 October 2008

I am planning on getting myself a new phone to replace the cheap one I'm using whose uses are limited to sending SMS and calling. I cannot even take a decent photo using its camera. I preferred a cheap phone after the trauma of last year when I lost two phones in just a span of two months. Talk about bad, rotten luck to the second power. But now I believe that we should let bygones be bygones, so hell yeah I'm getting myself a new phone! Ö

A few months ago I posted in my defunct blog that I would want a Nokia 7210 Supernova. I think its so pretty and it suits me because of its pink color and my adherence to the pink phone conspiracy. Just look at that:

Nokia 7210 Supernova in bubblegum pink
(also available in electric blue)

But while checking eBay I chanced upon a listing for a Nokia 3120 classic and was impressed by its sleek appearance:

Nokia 3120 classic in purple
(also available in graphite, powder white, deep red, and chestnut brown)

When I looked up the features of this phone, I found out that its basically the same, but with the added 3G feature. I'm loving this one more because it looks more "mature" if you get what I mean.

This is how the back looks like:

Nokia 3120 classic in deep red

I love the color, so rich and regal though I'm leaning towards the purple one more.

But even with their cool features, the prices are still very affordable! They don't cost more than 7,000php each so that's very good for my wallet since I still have other presents-for-myself to consider *wink*

I think I've already decided. Nokia 3120 classic in purple, I'll be getting you before Christmas!

And yes, I am a Nokia girl by heart. I did not even consider getting other mobile phone brands. Ü

*Click here and here for the full phone specifications.

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