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29 October 2008

I love memo pads and notebooks. I always have a notepad and pen in my bag because you never know when inspiration will strike. It is also important for taking down notes because sometimes it is faster to write it down than type everything in the Notes feature of my phone. And of course it is always handy just in case I happen to see Chito Miranda. Ö

In line with this, let me say that I adore corkboards too. I love that you can post little memos you have to remember, display your wishlists (since you can put it up at 'strategic' locations) and even personalize it by putting snazzy stuff! I have one in my room at home, and I also made one for Athan before.

For the RACK's (name of our apartment which is made up of the first letters of our (tenants) names), I made a corkboard which we put up at the living room so that we can post notes for each other, grocery lists, and etc. I think it is even better than just texting each other. And it's even more personalized. I wanted to put pictures of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian but R would not let me. Bummer.

So what did I do? I made one that I can put up in my room, of course. Ü

Here is the corkboard I made for my room at the RACK's:

Her name is Pixiedust. She's not yet completely done, though. I still need to add some other stuff to her. Which I will, in the next few days. I'm going to Krissify her hehe.

Now I can ogle at Edward Cullen and Prince Caspian whenever I want to. Ü

Will be back at the RACK's later. Happy Halloween everyone! And advanced happy birthday Jinna! ♥

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