25 April 2021

What is one thing you purchased that made you feel like such a grownup?

For me, (aside from my Instant Pot and other appliances and furniture for my new home) it would have to be art.

The teasers alone made me catch my breath. When the artist Renztelle posted the whole thing, I couldn't stop staring at it so I took it as a sign that maybe I should get it. I teared up while leaving a comment to reserve it, and I teared up again while unwrapping it.

This piece is named Freedom, and it really is so beautiful.

I love the colors and the feelings it makes me feel. There are times I still couldn't stop staring at it, even when I have had it for more than a month now. 

I'd been undecided where to put it so I sought the help of my friends and social media followers. The choices were:

My desk so I could glance at it and let it inspire me when I working

Against the yellow accent wall of my bedroon

Or against the sea foam green accent wall of my living room

In the end, we hung it against the white wall in the living room, in the corner where I propped my rocking char that is J's birthday gift to me.

Freedom is home, and it looks and feels great.

Aside from the digital artworks I commissioned, this is the first art I have ever purchased. Happy 35th birthday to me. ♡ 

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