06 April 2021

 I turned another year older today!

It's my second year to spend my birthday in quarantine. For some things, it gets easier after you've experienced it a first time, but I guess there's nothing easy about having an incompetent government that cares more for lining their own pockets than applying efficient and tested steps to contain the virus and solve this pandemic.

Sometimes I still can't believe that we are living through something like this in this lifetime. You hear and read about plagues and pandemics in history books, but now it's so much closer than we could have ever imagined. We just can't take a break and I am so tired.

I took a one week break from work and I am hoping to get back next Monday refreshed and inspired.

Because it's my Cake Day, I got a lot of cakes! The Ube Chiffon Cake with Ube Halaya filling is a gift from Maxie of Butternut Bakery while the Baby Cakes (also from Butternut Bakery) are additional gifts from J. The White Cranberry Cookies and Beck's Original Chocolate Chip Cookies are from Moonti, while the Lola Nena's Old Fashioned Donuts are from a neighborhood pasabuy. Niña also sent me an Ube Macapuno Cake. My belly and heart are full.

Meanwhile, J also got me this rocking chair as birthday gift. As you may have read previously when I first shared about fixing my apartment, I said I wanted a rocking chair, and now I have one!

Thanks, J!

Sooo. 35. Should I expect midlife crisis to hit me soon? I wonder how it will manifest itself to me.

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