Do you have a workout wardrobe?

07 April 2021

One of the things I am most excited about moving to this new place is my spacious balcony. I have already filled a quarter of it with plants, while I am hoping to also utilize some of the space for working out. I brought my yoga mat here and bought a new set of skipping ropes, I just really need to make time for it.

Along with these workout items, I also took my workout wardrobe out from storage. If you are looking to refresh your workout wardrobe in time for the summer, you may see suggestions below.


When you're running, training, or doing yoga poses your chest can get in the way. In some cases this is nothing more than a minor distraction but it can start to hurt, especially if you're jogging, running, or playing a contact sport. This is why you need one or two sports bras in your workout wardrobe. They keep your chest flat and under control during sporting activities and allow you to concentrate on your performance. Don't be without this essential item. Sports bras also make excellent pambahay clothes especially when it's extra hot and humid.


Leggings are perfect for all kinds of workout activities. They fit snuggly to your legs and give you a wide range of movement and plenty of options for flexibility. The trouble is they don't have any pockets which can be inconvenient. When you go for a run or an outdoor yoga session there is nowhere to store your media device or earphones. However, if you include some leggings with pockets in your workout wardrobe you can still listen to podcasts or yoga workout routines on the go.


This summer you need a pair of light breathable training shoes in your workout wardrobe. However, you also want a pair that are cruelty free and ethically produced. There is no longer any excuse not to go for a pair of cruelty free training shoes. The Woman's Tree Runners from Allbird get it right when it comes to integrating the requirements of a modern running shoe. These shoes are made from tree fibers and are ethically produced. They are light, breathable and feel more like socks.


Backless tops are usually made from light cotton. They have a wide neckline and a U-shaped bare back that's usually decorated with lace or ties. Backless tops make excellent workout gear, especially for yoga and strength training. The reason you want some Backless tops in your workout wardrobe is because of what they can offer. These tops are light and flexible, they give you a good range of motion and keep you cool which complements your workout and boosts your performance.


When it comes to yoga pants you have two options, you can have tight ones or loose ones. Both have pros and cons and in the end it comes down to preference, but loose yoga pants give you an added option in your workout wardrobe. If its a very hot day and you have a workout scheduled you might want to opt for pants that are a bit looser and more breathable. That's where the loose yoga pants come in. They are super easy to wear and train in and they cool you down.  

Do you have a workout wardrobe? :)

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