My biggest project to date

22 January 2021

I mentioned on my last blog post that I will be moving out and moving in to a new place at the end of the month.  That's one weekend away and I am bursting with inspiration!

Even though I will be living there alone, J will share the rent with me as he will convert the second bedroom into his office and stockroom for his business. We are also working on a couple of new things and I can't wait for these developments to unfold!

As we are still in a pandemic and it's scary to let other people in, we will paint the walls ourselves with the help of J's sister C and a couple of my friends who live nearby who volunteered their time. I have already chosen the colors and we just need to visit the nearest Wilcon or Home Depot to buy the materials. I also probably will not be able to purchase a lot of big ticket items and furniture right away but I think we can make do with what we already have. Like my coffee maker, for one. Heh.

I'd like for the new place to reflect my and J's personalities and showcase our million hobbies while at the same time serve as solace from the scary outside world. It will be homey and feel lived in, it will be cheery and bright, it will be warm and inviting, it will be eclectic.

My excitement is seeping through my fingers so I figured I'd post here a couple of my inspirations for the new place. I have this habit wherein I named my bedroom and the places I've lived in so I've been thinking of a name for this one, but I guess it will come to me when I've already personally stepped foot inside it. All I have to go by now are photos of the unit, but that didn't stop me from filling a Pinterest board with pegs. 

Sharing some of the photos here for posterity. :)


yellow walls, living room

The accent wall of the living room will be painted a lovely shade of teal, and I am hoping we can achieve the same airy vibes as these photos.

Artworks and tapestries on the walls? A HUGE CHECK MARK.

Of course, the most important part of this living room will be my rocking chair, that I have yet to find.


I really love the bright accents in this photo and how it does not look pristine nor clinical!
I will be working with a pretty small kitchen, which should be fine because it's not like I would be cooking for a family of five. I'm imagining that I would be doing a lot of baking, so the cupboards and additional kitchen shelves we will purchase should hold my baking equipment and ingredients nicely.

I love those colorful kitchen towels and I'm thinking where I can hang my aprons

Since I would be working with a tiny kitchen counter, especially after we buy a stove, I would be needing kitchen organizers like this to extend the space

These metal grids for hanging things also look like a great idea
I already ordered some crockery and I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU! I am beaming with delight, daydreaming myself baking in my kitchen *sniff*


The bathroom is pretty small so I won't have much to work with here, unfortunately.

C suggested constellation stencils but I just can't find the photo she sent me. I'm thinking of painting one wall with this design except it' ll be in lilac, but it's not really a priority

It already has a couple of floating shelves so I guess aside from toiletries, I can also spruce it up with other stuff. We definitely have to install another shelf though for my stash of bath products. And change the shower curtain, yes.


Ah, my second favorite part! I will paint one accent wall yellow, and then decorate it with pretty thingamajigs.

I'm thinking of getting drawers like this...

and hand painting or stenciling it like this...

or this :)

We will still be working from home until further noice, so my work area is pretty important. Good thing I already have a chair given by J that looks like the one in the photo. I also need shelves for my books. I'm hoping to get different desks for work and for my hobbies but I don't think that would be possible because of the space, so I just have to be able to organize it well.

And of course! The most important of all in this room: the bed! I'd like to have mix-and-match beddings and pillows like the ones in this photo!


And now, my favorite part of this place, the balcony! My bedroom opens to the balcony so I'd like for it to be filled with nice things to look at, since it will be the first thing I see in the morning. We may be able to have a roof installed in the future, but for now even a simple tent will do, I guess.

It's airy and gets a lot of sun, so it would be nice to have plants. My only issue with plants is that they die as soon as they find out it's me taking care of them :( I don't have a green thumb but I'm hoping it will be okay this time

The table and chairs that come with the unit look like they're better suited to the balcony and will look great when I host weekend barbecues when it's already safe to do so, but I also saw nice picnic tables that look chef's kiss perfect.

I want a cat but I guess I will only adopt one after i have acclimated myself in this new environment. I'm also thinking of a guinea pig, or fishes, but it's not really a priority since I have to prove that I know how to take care of myself first before taking in another dependent. But gosh, can you imagine? It's like Animal Crossing in real life!!

So many things I still need to get! I feel feverish but positively so! This will be my biggest personal project to date and I AM SO EXCITED. This will also serve as my practice house before I decide on the design and decor of the house we will build in a couple of years.

Wish me luck!

All photos from Pinterest, please let me know if any thing here is yours and if you'd like me to remove it.

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