My Christmas 2020 Wish List that is Not a Wish List

01 December 2020

Hello, friend. How are you? I hope you are well and safe and healthy and strong.

Contrary to what I believed during the beginning of quarantine that I would have more time at my disposal since I would no longer be commuting to and from work nor taking coffee or fast food runs, I actually have less time for myself these days. I attend at least three meetings per day, and work sometimes extends way past 6 PM. I also work on weekends. I am exhausted, but Christmas break looms in the horizon.

Yes, hours have blended into days into weeks into months, and now it's December. Can you believe??

On my last post, I told you about PMDD and how I think I may have it. Well I had some tests done, and yes, I do have it. I also have myomas again, which is shocking to me considering I've already had 11 myomas taken out back in 2018. It appears these nasty, needless, useless nuisances are really intent on bugging me, and now I really do not know how else to deal with them. I am scared of taking pills again because of their effect on my emotions, skin, and weight, so right now I am just ignoring them as long as I can. It's not that difficult to do seeing as how work keeps me so busy.

So, yes, back to the original point of this post. It has been my longstanding tradition in this blog to post my Christmas wish list every first day of December complete with fancy collages. I thought of not doing it this year, but I do not actually want to throw this tradition away and at the same time I figured it could be a good time to revisit this blog and show signs of life.

However, I am not really in the mood to be jolly and festive right now. Sure I still want a typewriter (this has been in my annual Wish Lists since I started this blog) and sure I still want a Silhouette Cameo but I actually do not have the space for them at the moment. (I can't wait to move out again.) It would be great to wish for the vaccine to be readily available soon and for this pandemic to end but I am not eight years old. My Wish Lists are all tangible things, bonus points if they are nicely wrapped under the Christmas tree. 

I want a Wish List but I do not know what to put on it (and believe me I have been racking my brain for about two weeks now. So I have decided to go ahead with My Christmas 2020 Wish List that is Not a Wish List.

Instead of a wish list, I am writing down Things I Wanted and Got and Now You Should Consider Them as Gifts to Your Family and Friends. A gift guide of sorts, if you will.

Things I Wanted and Got and Now You Should Consider Them as Gifts to Your Family and Friends
  • My Starbucks mug for honey citron tea. It is such a happy color and I love the tiny spoon. Thanks to Ashley for enabling me!
  • My Kindle Paperwhite is one of my favorite gifts given to me by J. I had a "where have you been all my life?" moment with my first Kindle, and this Paperwhite was such an upgrade! There are a lot of cute cases available now in Shopee.
  • Silk Slumber set from Posh Flip. I have been wanting to switch to using silk pillow cases because they're more gentle for the hair and skin, and this set comes with a pillow case, a scrunchie, a hair tie, and an elastic hairband. They're all handmade by the shop owner, and they smelled so luxurious when they arrived to me. 
  • This Blythe factory doll is my newest doll, and she is also J's gift to me. Depending on your interests and preferences, there are a lot of doll options available online together with clothes and accessories. You will definitely be spoilt for choice!
  • Outlook Calendar is easy and convenient especially when you are jumping from one Teams meeting to another, but there's really something inherently satisfying with listing down your to-dos for the day and ticking them off throughout the day. They should bottle this feeling, I will definitely buy. Anyway, this aquamarine Quest Journal will fulfill this purpose for me next year.

  • These coasters are resin works of art handmade by my twinnie Kristel. Check out her shop Handcrafted By Tellie and prepare your wallets.
  • I really do not know why, but this pair of Sabbat VOOPLAY True Wireless Earphones in Cereal makes me so happy every time I look at it. Maybe it's because they look like Biogesics LMAO.
  • If the Kindle Paperwhite is one of my favorites among J's gifts to me, then my yellow Nintendo Switch Lite and Animal Crossing New Horizons game are probably my ULTIMATE favorites! This game brings me unbridled joy every time I play it, and with all the updates coming I do not think this will change anytime soon!
And there you have it, my Not a Wish List but a haul post that doubles as a Gift Guide! I think I have more to add in the coming days as my other packages arrive, but don't hold your breath for it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you. Take care and keep safe!

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