2020: The Year of Adapting

31 December 2020

Every time a year ends, I choose a word that encapsulates what that year meant for me. Last year, I wrote about how we were saying goodbye to a decade and welcoming a new one, but 2020 felt like a decade in itself.

I do not have a comprehensive blog post prepared with this year's highlights, and I can no longer write a long and winding soliloquy. The only word I can apply for 2020 is The Year of Adapting. We were dealt bad cards this year, but we adapted. This year was filled with adjusting to various changes and learning/ unlearning things. My job entails being surrounded by and meeting people, and working from home made me feel like a fish out of water at first. But we did it, self. Our country is being run by thieving clowns, and the situation does not look like it's going to improve any time soon, but I can only be thankful to still be here.

Other highlights of 2020 include: learning to bake and actually being good at it, Animal Crossing and the friends I made in the game + friendships it strengthened, supporting local and small businesses, spending more time with family, and celebrating five years of being with My Love. Fortune doesn't recognize calendars, but I'm really hoping 2021 has better things in store for us. Cheers and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Happy, safe, and healthy 2021, friends.

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