Christmas 2020

27 December 2020

When the Philippines was first put in lockdown back in March, December seemed so far away. I was so sad when I had to spend my birthday at home instead of in another country (or city, even), and now it even reached J's birthday a week before Christmas. We were hopeful that the pandemic would be a distant memory by May, but months passed, and now 2020 is almost over. 

Merry Christmas from my Animal Crossing family to yours

I spent Christmas eve with my boyfriend's family. It was my first time to spend Christmas eve away from home, but we still got to exchange gifts albeit virtually. J's family and I exchanged gifts (but I got mine last week because I was supposed to go home prior so they gave me my gifts early), ate good food, and played games. I also made blueberry cheesecakes that quickly became a favorite.

There was no mistletoe but I got a kiss at midnight. It was nice. I wouldn't mind spending my next Christmases this way. 

Merry Christmas, friends. I hope you felt loved, happy, and safe and that you have wonderful memories despite the extraordinary way we spent it this year.

I am thankful that you are here. ♡ 

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