My Singapura Eleganza Photobook

05 April 2020

I am turning 34 tomorrow in a couple of hours! Because of the enhanced community quarantine my original plans of spending my birthday weekend in Palawan to watch Survivor shoot in real life have been foregone and instead I will be holed up here at home with my family. Also ever since J and I became a couple, this is the first time we won't spend my birthday together, so you can just imagine how sad I am feeling right now.

At least there will be cakes. 

Exactly a year ago today, we flew to Singapore to spend a week there with my sunshine and serenade-in-a-box and good friend Ed. We already visited the tourist spots with our other friends Ronnie, Kayle, and JV back in 2017, so last year's trip was more relaxed and spontaneous. 

I realize I haven't really blogged about last year's trip, so for the anniversary of our April 5, 2019 flight, I am doing it now. Hee. I actually got a Photobook of my favorite photos from that trip, so why don't we walk down Singapore memory lane right now?

How's that for a great album cover?
The clean streets of Singapore are perfect for OotDs
This photo was taken on my birthday!
We went to an authentic Chinese restaurant for a dimsum buffet, then spent the whole day just eating. On our way home J got me a lemon cheesecake and Ed got me Pink Moscato. Fun!
We get excited whenever we see double-decker buses, and one time we got lucky because the entire deck was empty! Haha!
My favorite coconut ice cream from a stall near the Merlion Park.
Inside and outside the National Museum of Singapore
J has a friend who works there and she scored free tickets for us ♡ 
Photo on the right is of myself at my birthday dimsum buffet
Best decision we made was to forego Universal Studios since we already went there last time and opt for the less crowded waterpark. We went snorkelling at the Rainbow Reef and even though I almost drowned at first because I am not used to breathing using my mouth, it's one of my best memories from 2019, or even this lifetime. I loved this experience SO MUCH. My only regret was getting there after lunch and not maximizing the time we could have had inside the park, especially when the rides were shut down temporarily because of the rain.
More pasyal on my birthday
Yep, the pages are not arranged chronologically
We also took the time to meet my friends Lauren and Nashe + husband there!
This trip wouldn't have been as fun and special if it weren't for these people:
Ed, J, Ryan, Liz, Chyno, and Rory
We look cute together ♡ 
( ˘ ³˘)♥
I am so happy I will always have this Photobook to hold our Singapura Eleganza memories
My 33rd birthday belongs in my top tier of birthday celebrations, up there together with my 18th birthday party, my 25th birthday where Ed and our other friends set up a treasure hunt/ surprise birthday party for me, my 28th How I Met Your Mother-themed party, and my 32nd birthday where I had a weaving party with friends and J gifted me a Kindle Paperwhite.

It is not like I have been to a lot of other places, but Singapore is definitely one of my favorite places to go to, and I am longing to go back. For the food, the efficient transportation system, and the sights. Singapore is a great match for J and I, and sometimes we talk about building a life there in the future. Who knows. We'll see.

Happy almost birthday to me!

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