It's my birthmonth

01 April 2020

I am a huge 'celebrate anything and everything girl' and I always hold month-long celebrations for my birthday, but I need to keep things low-key this year because of the pandemic.

J and I were supposed to go to El Nido to watch Survivor being taped there, but obviously that is out of the question now. I am actually still at a loss on how I am going to celebrate given the limitations, but I wish I can get cakes. Yes, note the s. If worse comes to worst, at least I already have ingredients for banana bread and lasagna.

Oh man, I can't believe I am turning 34 on Monday.

Take a peep at this watercolor portrait that Ging made for me. It's so charming and I will treasure it forever!

I don't have baby photos anymore you see, since we lost our house in a big fire back in 2001. So for my one remaining childhood photo to be immortalized like this is very special, indeed.

Sometimes I still wonder if this is just an extended simulation game and someone's rolling the dice for us. I guess we'll never really know until we get to knock on the pearly gates. If such gates exist, in the first place.

My birthday wish is for this pandemic to end and for a better, more efficient, and humane Philippine government.

I am going to have a helluva birthday celebration when this is over.

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